How To Beat Your Competition At The Recruiting Game in 2016

February, 3 2016

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Written By
Brooke Torres


Below are three of our best tips for recruiting in 2016.  They come from an ebook we are releasing next week on 2016 recruiting trends. To create it, we reached out to people who have a very high close rate on the best candidates, and collected their secrets (kidding, they gave them willingly). Then we read every article on the internet to be sure we weren't missing any tips (only half kidding about that one). Today, we're sharing with you a preview of three crucial pieces of advice in there.

Why did we write this ebook?  Because we will soon launch Talla, an intelligent assistant for teams that can help manage your recruiting process. If this is your first introduction to Talla (hi!), there are three things you should know.  First,  Talla can help with the more mundane aspects of work, particularly recruiting work.  We know that as recruiters, hiring managers and founders, much of your hiring workflow is dominated by administrative tasks, like interview scheduling, managing candidate information, and chasing down your team for feedback. You've probably gotten so used to it, you didn't realize it doesn't have to be that way. Let Talla do it instead.

Second, Talla learns and gets smarter all the time, just like a person.  The more you use Talla, the more you teach Talla, the more Talla can do for you, just like a human assistant.

And finally, Talla communicates with natural language.  You can simply chat with Talla in Slack, Hipchat, over email or SMS like you would any other assistant. She's smart, flexible, and capable, so you might soon forget she isn't human.

Our team of data scientists, engineers and creatives created Talla to do all the tedious stuff for you, so you can focus on the actual people part of recruiting—and building the relationships that matter so much for your company's growth. Using machine learning, natural language processing and other technology, Talla can be your secret weapon in the war for talent.

We're excited for all that's ahead. Look for our ebook "How to Revolutionize Your Hiring Strategy in 2016" next week. And, get on the waitlist for Talla here (we're currently in beta).

A slow interview process isn't good for anyone.

“For hiring managers, removing yourself from the process is a big mistake. How do you close the candidate? Be the first person they meet. And be the last person. Most people are closing at the end versus closing in the first round. Hiring managers do as much as they can to stay out of the process. So many people who would have taken the role more seriously if those managers had gotten to the candidates more quickly.” —Michael Burns

Stop wasting time trying to recruit lateral transfers.

“The best people aren’t willing to take lateral transfers. They want jobs that stretch them in the short term and offer significant potential in the long term. More important, if this condition exists, compensation is less important. This was true in the mid-70s when I started hiring top people and it’s still true today. That’s why this concept must be the cardinal rule underlying all hiring strategies and the one that’s broken every day at most companies.” —Lou Adler

Instead, look for the right signs that someone will excel in that role.

“At Datto, we screen heavily for learning agility. This is a major thing—to see how quickly and effectively people can learn new tasks. I’ll say ’give me an example of something you’ve taught yourself how to do in the last year.' If someone says, ‘I taught myself basic carpentry and built a shed for my backyard,’ it's probably a good sign. We place much less emphasis on the resume and experience, and much more emphasis on character, aptitude, energy, coachability, charisma and base-line intelligence. These are the things that make up raw talent. We are going to train them in the skillset they need to be successful here. The first thing we do is say 'alright, forget everything you learned at your last job'. My most talented reps sold something totally different in their last job, or were recruiters in their last job. What I want is someone with a ton of different tools who can really learn here.” –Chris Essler

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