Help With the Talla Q&A Assistant

Posted by Brooke Torres on May 20, 2016 10:32:00 AM

The Talla Question & Answer Assistant is an internal company expert for teams on Slack. Every company has lots of frequently asked questions that are unique to them:

  • What holidays do we have off?
  • Where does accounting sit?
  • Where do I file an expense report?

The Q&A Assistant is trainable and learns the answers to the things you always forget (or the things other people are always asking you about). With Talla, you’ll spend less time looking for information and more time getting things done. Here’s how you can start using it today:

1. Get started by adding to Slack: 

Click this link to install Talla on Slack.

Note: Even if you already have another Talla assistant installed, you’ll need to follow the link to upgrade to the Q&A functionality.

2. Once installed, Talla will send you a DM. Ask Talla a question—be sure to use a question mark at the end of it, like this:


3. Click on the “Request an Answer” button: 


4. Talla will then request an answer from you as the installer:


By default, all the questions without an answer are routed to the Talla installer (that’s you). If someone else on your team asks a question that Talla doesn’t yet know, you will receive the request to answer it. Once you do, anyone on your team can ask that question and will be given the answer you provided.

5. Click on “add a response here.” 


6. Clicking “add a response” will take you to the web interface where you can control all of your company’s FAQs. Here’s what that looks like: 


7. Input the answer by clicking the “add a response” link in the web interface:  


Once you answer the question, the original requester will get pinged with your response.

8. Here, you can also add variations on the question your teammates may use: 


9. Add Talla to a channel so your whole team can ask questions! 


More questions? Email the team at 

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