The Best Slack Apps for Your Business

August, 30 2016

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A problem facing every business team today is access to the right information. Companies have lots of data, but it’s stored all over, and finding it can be cumbersome. It might be stuck in a SaaS app that you have to log into and dig through. Or, it might be something one of your co-workers just knows, so you have to ask around until you find out. Lots of information is like that, and there’s no record for it.

That’s where Slack comes in. Workplace chat by itself is an awesome team tool. Quickly aligning with your co-workers over a project is quick and easy. Add the right bots and system integrations in there, and it becomes the center of getting things done during your workday, and the center of the knowledge base you need.

As bot builders ourselves, we’ve tested a lot of what you see in the Slack app store. So, we wanted to share with you the best ones we’ve found for businesses that we keep using. Let us know what you think in the comments.  


Marketing and sales teams should get pretty excited about GrowthBot, which Dharmesh Shah, Hubspot’s founder and CTO just launched. A lot of bots in the Slack App store so far have just one thing they can do so far. But Growthbot isn’t like that. Just check out this help menu pictured left. We’ve been using it at Talla, and fully approve—it definitely makes life easier.  


We like Drift a lot. When people visit our website, they come with questions about how Talla can work for them, when our next assistants will be available, and so on. Drift’s on-site chat has been super valuable for us to engage with those users, to get feedback or provide support. It integrates with Slack, so we get those messages wherever we are, and our team can have conversations about the user questions right within that same channel. Then, they launched Drift 2.0, which helps to personalize the chat experience for anyone who comes to your site. Even better!


Whatever team you’re on, you probably schedule meetings with other people you work with. Meekan will just do it for you in Slack though, which is great. Particularly, their button and natural language combo interface is easy to work with, and you can view your calendar right in a DM at any time.


Sometimes you just want a quick number out of Google Analytics. But you’d have to pull it up, set the date range, maybe cruise around looking for the right section you usually pull from, and so on. I just installed Statsbot, and now wish I did it sooner. My favorite feature is its ability to generate recurring daily or weekly reports. Not only do you not have to manually pull the report yourself, but it’s one less thing to remember.

Task Assistant

Okay, that’s us. We recently launched our first assistant, which manages your to-do list and sends you reminders right within Slack. The great thing about Task Assistant is that you can use all natural language to add things to your to-dos. No slash commands here. Try it out, and let us know what you think.  


If your job involves writing, even crafty email writing, Dictionary’s thesaurus function is an easy way to make your writing more (awesome, impressive, phenomenal, etc). It’s Slash command based, so you can use it in a channel, or a direct message with yourself, if you don’t want to spam the whole crew.


For distributed teams in particular, a Hangout integration is one less step in getting going at a meeting. The quick /hangout command let’s you pull one up quickly when it’s time to talk something out.

RSS Fox 

Set your go-to reads up to drop into the channel of your choosing. This one is handy for external content that you always want to know about, or, marketers could use this to alert the team when a blog post of their own goes live. Just a word of warning: add feeds sparingly or mute the channel if you don’t want all-day notifications.

One more…

Question & Answer Assistant 

Remember when I mentioned there being no system of record for what’s in your co-workers’ heads? This QA assistant is a trainable internal expert on your company. It uses natural language, so you can ask it things like ‘who do I send this expense report to?’ or ‘where are the company logos?’ and get an answer in return. We might be a little biased, given that we built it, but we think you should try it out.

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