Introducing Talla the Question and Answer Assistant

Posted by Brooke Torres on Sep 1, 2016 9:24:00 AM


Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of the Question & Answer Assistant, our second Talla. You can teach Talla the answers to various common questions in your organization, and she can provide the information to your employees directly in Slack. And because she’s trainable, in cases where she doesn’t already have the information an employee needs, she’ll let you know so you can add it for next time.

The goal is this: after some time working for your company, Talla can be your team’s “know-it-all,” making the information that’s usually stuck in one person’s head available to the entire team.

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The Q&A Assistant is an early step at achieving our vision of knowledge-on-demand. Today, every company has multiple systems of record for different information. Salesforce for sales and customer information. Zendesk for support documentation. Zuora for billing information. But up until now, there has been no one system of record for the valuable information that’s stuck in the brains of individual employees and that makes it easy for employees to access it when they need it. And that is the most important information in any business. It isn’t because companies don’t try. We have all tried to make information more readily available within our organizations— with wikis and similar tools. But we all know about wiki rot, that state of affairs that occurs when a wiki hasn’t been updated in months (or years!). Previous tools all failed because they weren’t build into day to day workflows. To be successful, a system of record has to make it as easy to capture data as it is to retrieve data. And that is exactly what this Talla Assistant does. As a bot that lives within your existing messaging apps, it’s a great delivery system for the information you and your team need, where you are already working and collaborating.

Before we started Talla, I spoke with a product manager at a prominent messaging company who lamented that, if you look at the chat logs in most companies, there are many questions that get asked over and over and over again. “The platform should just answer them,” he told me. But he wasn’t able to get any A.I. or NLP resources to do the work, and it isn’t really a use case that makes sense for a platform to take on anyway.

If your organization, like so many, suffers from knowledge delivery issues, and you want to try Talla to amplify and extend the cognitive capabilities of your workforce, you can sign up here. We believe very strongly that Talla will make everyone at your company better at their job.

Talla works on Slack today, but Hipchat and other platforms are coming very, very soon. And, of course, if you have questions, comments or feedback on the Talla Q&A module, please email us at

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