4 Ways Customer Support Has Changed and How to Keep Up

April, 3 2019

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Written By
Juliette Kopecky


Spoiler alert: If you’re not using AI to automate your customer support processes, you’re going to get left behind. This may sound like an exaggeration, but it’s not.  

Too often, we see businesses put off implementing AI for a myriad of reasons, such as: It’s not a priority right now, we don’t understand how to measure or evaluate AI, AI feels like too big of an undertaking, nobody owns AI initiatives at our company, we’re in the middle of implementing another system so want to wait until after that, and so on. Any of these sound familiar to you?    

But here’s why you can’t wait: Customer expectations for support have already changed in four key ways. And if you haven’t addressed these changes, quite frankly, you’re already behind.  

  1. Providing chat support is no longer a “nice to have”
    Chat support’s popularity is growing, and it’s growing fast. Customers prefer chat support over email and phone. And while it used to be a “nice to have” it’s no longer optional for businesses. This is another channel that needs to be supported and prioritized in addition to existing channels like email and phone support.  

  2. Customers want 24/7 support
    Buyers are no longer limited by geography when it comes to purchasing products and services. And combined with an always-connected world, your customers are reaching out to support at all hours of the day, every day of the week. Offering support only during business hours is no longer an option.

  3. Customers expect an immediate response to support requests
    Our expectation for when we get what we want is extremely short, and we’ve seen this across all sorts of products and services. Want to watch a movie? Stream it on Netflix. Need a ride? Call an Uber. Run out of razors? Get them delivered to your door with Amazon Same-Day. Customers are no longer willing to wait to get what they want, and the same goes for your customer support.

  4. Customers expect quick resolutions
    Similar to #3, but the speed at which you’re able to fully resolve a support inquiry is just as important as how fast you respond to it. And the key to resolving support inquiries quickly is fully understanding what the customer is asking and providing an accurate response that fully answers their questions.  

Businesses often try to solve for the above by throwing more bodies at the problem. Too many tickets? Hire more support reps. Need to offer chat support? Hire more support reps. Need to offer 24/7 support? Hire more support reps. Need to shorten queues? Hire more support reps. You get the picture.  

And that is one solution -- if you have an infinite budget for hiring and time to support the hiring, onboarding, and training process. But most support teams I know don’t have that luxury. They’re constantly being tasked with figuring out how to do more with less.

But there is another solution: Adopt AI, now.

And, spoiler alert again: It doesn’t have to be difficult, and best of all, you can see measurable results quickly.

AI is giving businesses the power to automate things that they haven’t been able to automate previously. Customer support teams have historically been forced to make a tradeoff between providing better quality support or support at a lower cost, but with AI and automation technologies, they can do both, and that’s really impactful.

At Talla, we’re excited to deliver these results to customers. Talla customers can accurately automate over 90% of their support tickets in just six months. What this boils down to is that in literal seconds, a support ticket could be accurately answered 90% of the time by Talla. And with the Talla platform, businesses are able to augment and automate each stage of the support experience, from always-on, self-serve chat support, to how support reps answer tickets and the quality of information they provide. To see how Talla can transform your support processes using AI and automation, schedule a demo today.

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