5 Polls Your HR Department Should Use to Gauge Employee Morale

January, 30 2017

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Contrary to what films like Glengarry Glen Ross would have you believe cutthroat boiler room-style work environments are ultimately counterproductive. Positive work cultures yield better results, especially over the long-term, so measuring and managing employee morale is worth a notable investment from your human resources department.

Below, we outline five polls that HR can send your employees to either gauge or improve employee morale (along with links to a ready-made template for a similar polling campaign inside Talla's Slack assistant). To use these ready-to-go templates in Talla, you'll need to add it to your Slack account. You'll find these (and many more) in the application.


Employee Net Promoter Score

Many organizations understand the value of customer net promoter scoresthe likelihood that customers would recommend your product or service to a friend—but employee net promoter scores should receive similar attention. If your own staff wouldn't want their friends or family to work at your organization, they themselves likely aren't satisfied with their own jobs. Regularly polling for employee NPS is the first place HR should start measuring company morale.

View the Employee NPS Talla Template

Work/Life Balance Poll

Under the best-case scenarios, overworked employees simply decline in productivity until they quit. Under more dire situations, poor work-life balance can increase usage of employee benefit programs (raising insurance premiums for your risk pool) and drive up overall employee turnover (making recruitment costs rise). A handful of questions posed regularly can ensure, for example, that employees are satisfied with their schedules and feel they afford them enough time with their families. This, in turn allows HR to maintain a balanced, productive workforce.

View the Work/Life Balance Talla Template

The "Kitchen Poll"

The phrase "around the water cooler" has endured because where employees take refreshment, they bond, share information, and thereby propagate morale. As such, making sure your staff's break room or kitchen areas are adequately supplied is a worthwhile endeavor. A second microwave that prevents "traffic jams" at lunchtime, or a better brand of office coffee can do wonders for the happiness of your officemates—if you know it's needed.

View the "Kitchen Poll" Talla Template

Internal Interview Poll

It is now common practice that multiple members of your organization will interview job candidates during the hiring process, and many more will informally speak to those candidates during office tours or similar social pleasantries. Collecting that feedback not only helps ensure that everyone who might work with a new employee is supportive of the hiring, but also makes every employee asked for his or her opinion believe that their opinion matters. Thus, a simple poll asking for basic feedback on collectively interview job prospectus isn't just good hiring practice, it's a benefit to employee morale.

View the Internal Interview Talla Template

The Lunch Poll

One of the most time-honored methods for spontaneously boosting employee morale is buying lunch for the whole team. To make sure this gesture engenders goodwill, you need to make sure that the lunch you buy is the lunch the majority wants. A simple lunch poll makes certain you're giving the people what they want, rather than what you hope they want.

View the Lunch Poll Talla Template

Send these five polls around your company chat platform on a regular basis, and you'll have the data and the goodwill necessary to keep your team morale healthy and positive.

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