5 Ways Support Teams Increase Productivity with Talla

November, 19 2018

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Written By
Alyssa Verzino


Your support team’s productivity directly impacts your customers. When your support team is bogged down with tickets, repetitive questions, and is stuck searching for information, it impairs their ability to provide quality service. With customer experience becoming increasingly important, this is a huge problem. In fact, according to the American Express 2017 Customer Service Barometer, “33% of Americans say they’ll consider switching companies after just a single instance of poor service” and, “Americans tell an average of 15 people about a poor service experience, versus the 11 people they’ll tell about a good experience”. Long story short, your customers expect excellence from your customer support team.

With Talla you can equip your support team to be highly productive. And when your support team has productive reps, it translates to better service and happier customers. Here are the top 5 things support teams love using Talla for:

1. Interacting with Talla directly within chat

Whether your team uses Slack, Microsoft Teams, you can chat with Talla the way that you would with your co-workers. This provides all of your employees with access to a trusted source of information, where they are likely already asking their questions to the right person within the company.

Talla understands the question you’re asking and can extract the answer with precision from your knowledge base documents. And, Talla’s content training feature helps transform your unstructured documents into knowledge that answers user questions. Talla’s AI understands your organization semantically and delivers the right answer when users ask questions.

2. Listening in on chat channels

You can add Talla directly into to a chat channel where questions are typically asked to get real-time answers. For example, you can add Talla to a channel where new hires typically ask repetitive questions. With Talla "listening" in this channel, these questions are identified and answered, while also automating the process necessary to make sure that the answers are documented. Talla uses our custom NLU (natural language understanding) technique that better understands user questions and delivers precise answers. Our custom NLU is able to distinguish questions from search queries, infer the user’s intent, and return specific answers. When a user asks a question, Talla uses contextual and semantic clues in the user’s question to intelligently find the right answer in its knowledge base.

3. Filling knowledge gaps

Never lose a customer to “I don’t know”. With Talla, you can identify knowledge gaps and request information from subject matter experts, so nobody has to ask the same question twice. Talla captures questions and finds the answers, and Talla uses automation to keep the content up-to-date and deliverable. Enrico Palmerino, Botkeeper’s CEO says:

“The most surprising thing that Talla showed us was all the knowledge gaps we had between the information customers wanted and the content and answers we were writing. We've been able to close those quickly, which translates into improved sales velocity, happier customers, and more productive employees.”

4. Updating knowledge base content directly through chat

Cut out the middle-man. With Talla’s AI, you can update the information in your knowledge base directly in chat. After detecting a knowledge gap, and gathering correct knowledge in chat, Talla will proactively update your knowledge base. This provides your support team with a single up-to-date source of truth for information. Say goodbye to worrying about out of date or conflicting information.

5. Scheduled delivery for proactively messaging users with Talla

Set up Talla to proactively message your team. This saves everybody time. Support teams have so much information to keep up to date, and are constantly pulling from different places. Have Talla automate the process and make sure everything is up to date by setting reminders to proactively reach out to different team members.

If you want to equip your support team with access to up to date information and increase productivity, request a demo today.



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