6 Sales Tasks That Can Be Improved by A.I.

September, 25 2018

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Written By
Alyssa Verzino


Sales is about building relationships, identifying customer needs, and closing deals where everyone's a winner -- so why is there so much paperwork involved? Managing sales often gets in the way of making sales, which is where artificial intelligence can help salespeople shine. By automating some of the grunt work common to sales, A.I. can help sales representatives focus on selling.

Below are six common sales tasks that A.I. can improve, so sales reps can do less administration and more actual selling.

Prospect Research

You've spent good money on a lead list, you subscribe to industry publications that help identify trends, and you've got internal data from sales development teams and past customer contacts -- all of it at your disposal to craft the perfect pitch to the perfect prospect. Unfortunately, it takes hours or days to pull all these sources together into a useful prospect dossier.

Artificial intelligence can perform this synthesis for you, trawling through all the prospect data in your knowledge base and culling the irrelevant details into a smart, actionable prospect synopsis that truly prepares you for a sales call.

Solutions like Seamless.ai are doing this today.


Now that A.I. has summarized the relevant details for a prospect, it can automate the initial outreach. A virtual assistant could develop excerpts of your regular product literature and canned pitches, match them to the details in your prospect dossier, and automate email, SMS, postal, or even phone prospecting. Think of it as a next-generation "mail merges," where A.I. builds a personalized pitch and delivers to a prospect, turning a cold lead warm with little human oversight.

Solutions like Albert.ai are doing this today.


Once A.I. has done the initial boilerplate pitch, some percentage of your prospects will show interest, so they need to schedule a follow-up call with a real, human sales rep. A.I. can handle this, too, reading in your calendar to find open time slots and coordinating an appointment between you and the prospect. No more time wasted playing phone tag and negotiating a mutual opening in your schedules.

Solutions like SalesWhale are doing this today.

Product Knowledge

Once A.I. gets you on the phone with a prospect, you need to be ready to answer any and every question about the solution you're selling. Nothing slows down sales like having to research an answer offline and following up at a later date. To close fast, you need all the product data at your fingertips. A.I. can act like sales enablement on steroids, searching your product documentation and knowledge base for answers to every question about price, technical compatibility, regulatory compliance, competitive advantages, and contract terms. Unlike a search engine that just points you at pages where the answer might live, A.I. can read, excerpt, and deliver the exact info you need while you're on the sales call, and not hours later when the lead has gone cold again.

Solutions like Talla are doing this today.

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Data Capture

The most valuable information you gather about a customer you gather from a customer during a sales call, but sales representatives are (rightfully) so busy selling that they can't capture all this valuable data during the interaction. By some measures, only 5% of valid customer feedback from a sales call makes it into a CRM database. Artificial intelligence can "listen in" on these calls and automatically capture this data for the sales rep, so they can focus on selling, rather than play stenographer.

Solutions like Chorus.ai are doing this today.


Win or lose, you never end a sales relationship after a sales call, and A.I. can automate the post-call follow-up. If you closed, you a virtual assistant can send the appropriate thank-you messages and next-step instructions (like introducing the Customer Success team that will oversee implementation). If you didn't close, A.I. can build an appropriate marketing nurture campaign --using all the data gathered so far -- to keep the lead warm for you to pitch a second time.

Solutions like Conversica are doing this today.

All these A.I. enhancements to the sales process depend on two key components: an A.I. virtual assistant that can access all your sales and prospecting documents quickly and efficiently, and a knowledge base that is designed to empower that A.I. agent for functional success.

Talla is building that A.I. agent and knowledge base combo. If you'd like to learn how artificial intelligence can enhance your sales process, contact Talla today.


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