6 Ways to Improve New Employee Onboarding Through Slack

May, 10 2017

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You probably already know that we're in a new era of workplace tools. Chat platforms, like Slack, Microsoft Teams and HipChat have changed the way people communicate at work. They've streamlined where we touch base, opened the door for real-time access to critical information, and helped people be more effective in their roles. Chat isn't just good for messaging though. It's the perfect place for A.I.-powered assistants (like Talla) to streamline and automate monotonous processes for us—and the paperwork, reminders, and repetitive information delivery that comes with employee onboarding is one of the best examples. Below you'll find out how you can easily expedite much of the onboarding process through automated, intelligent communications. All of the content you'll read about can be customized and delivered to you by Talla, right in Slack or Microsoft Teams.  

1. Hiring Manager's Preparation Checklist

Before your new employee can be ready for their first day on the job, you -- the hiring manager -- have some work to do. The new employee will need to be enrolled in your various systems and processes and (if these workflows are going to be of any use) installed as a user on your chat platform. More specifically, you'll need to accomplish some concrete tasks:

  1. Contact your new employee to confirm start date
  2. Prepare new employee's work space
  3. Inform the team of your new employee's arrival
  4. Schedule key meetings for your new employee
  5. Conduct an office tour
  6. Review company expectations
  7. Explain communication information or procedures
  8. Explain information technology (IT) procedures

Get the Hiring Manager's Preparation Checklist delivered to you in Slack 

2. IRS Tax Forms

The tax man cometh, regardless of when and where your employees are located. Fortunately, the tax man also provideth PDFs of any standard IRS employment tax form, including the W-4 (Employee Withholding Allowance) and I-9 (Employment Eligibility Verification). You can send these forms as soon as the employee you enrolled them in Slack.

Use Talla to automatically deliver IRS Tax Forms to your new employees

3. Supervising Manager's New Employee Checklist

The first month of a new employee's tenure with your company can set the tone for their entire career, which is why it's important for their supervisor to get them started right. Unfortunately, HR often neglects to guide the supervising manager through this process. A managed workflow helps both the supervisor and their new employee succeed by ensuring the manager:

  1. Creates a first-day agenda both for your new employee
  2. Gives an office tour
  3. Takes their new employee out to lunch or coffee
  4. Introduce their new employee to important team members
  5. Checks in with new employees periodically throughout their transition
  6. Asks for feedback

Have Talla walk your supervisers through the New Employee Checklist with each new hire 

4. New Employee's Best Practices

No matter how good the manager, the team, or the company culture, the new employees themselves are most responsible for their own success during the onboarding process. That's why every new employee should be coached on best practices for thriving in their new position. These include:

  1. Asking questions
  2. Showing up on time and be present
  3. Introducing themselves to everyone on their team
  4. Knowing their team expectations
  5. Getting organized
  6. Volunteering to help out when they can

Support new hires with the essential New Employee Best Practices Training 

5. Company History Tutor

Those who do not study company history are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the employees they are replacing. That's why every new hire should be provided a crash course on the current state of your organization, including:

  1. Company mission statement
  2. Summary of company products and services
  3. A brief list of company milestones
  4. A list of "fun facts" about your company
  5. A list of the current executive leadership team

Help your newest team members get acquainted with your unique history 

6. A Customized, Helpful Assistant for Every Employee 

New employees (and those that have been around for a while) have questions. Whether they want to know about benefits, holidays, or anything else, they used to have to dig through unhelpful or difficult-to-search Wikis. Often, they never found what they were after -- a true waste of time, and a poor employee experience. We built Talla to save organizations from just that. The HR Service Assistant automates answering of FAQs and centralizes and manages the ticket filing process for new user issues. And, because Talla learns over time, the HR department will be freed from having to answer any question more than once. 

With these six interactive workflows, you'll decrease the learning curve (and HR overhead) for your newest employees, and increase the likelihood that your onboarding process will succeed.

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