9 Kinds of HR Communications You Should Adapt for ChatOps

January, 27 2017

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Now that you've embraced the notion that ChatOps can be applied to Human Resources—as in, HR belongs on Slack as much as software engineers -- the time has come to begin automating some common HR announcements for ChatOps. More bluntly, if Slack, Hipchat, and Flowdock are "email killers," it's time to rebuild those emails no one reads for the chat-based workplace.

Below are nine common HR bulletins you should adapt for ChatOps and, for reference, the automated Talla workflow template for each campaign. To use these ready-to-go templates in Talla, you'll need to add it to your Slack account. You'll find these (and many more) in the application.


Benefits Opt-in Announcement

When open enrollment time approaches, Human Resources has their hands full ensuring every interested employee signs up for the insurance, retirement, and fringe benefits that your company offers. No one enjoys being a nag, so let your ChatOps automation become the enforcer of benefits sign-up deadlines and the pesterer of procrastinating employees.

View the Talla Benefits Opt-In Announcement Template for Slack

Welcome New Employees

The only thing worse than someone bugging you about TPS report cover sheets is someone you've never met suddenly bugging you about TPS report cover sheets. Automatically notifying the team about new hires can avoid awkward encounters and ensure that no one gets mad enough to steal a stapler.

View the Talla New Employee Welcome Announcement Template for Slack

Interviewee Announcement

Before someone can become a new employee, they need to be interviewed -- often by multiple people. Far too often, none of those interviewers know the interviewees' full schedule -- "Who do I send you to next?" -- which creates needless friction. A simple automated announcement of the interview schedule puts everyone at ease.

View the Talla Interviewee Welcome Announcement Template for Slack

Company Event Announcement

The annual holiday party, the company health fair, or just a free lunch as a surprise from the CEO -- there's always someone who didn't get the email about a major company social event, and they expect HR to constantly remind them. This is exactly the kind of thankless repetitive task we invented bots for.

View the Talla Company Event Announcement Template for Slack

Referral Bonus Announcement

Some of your best employees are found through internal recommendations, which is why smart human resources departments offer referral bonuses to any employee that tracks down a successful new-hire candidate. Of course, your team members will only go to the trouble of referring their friends to the hiring manager if they both know about a job opening and that they'll get paid well for a referral. This bot kills those two birds with one stone.

View the Talla Referral Bonus Announcement Template for Slack

Office Closure Notice (Weather)

Inclement weather can make it unwise and unsafe for your employees to report to your office, which makes it imperative that you actively and persistently communicate office closures to everyone in the affected area. ChatOps automation literally to the rescue.

View the Talla Office Closure Announcement Template for Slack

Holiday Schedule Announcement

There's always one employee (at least) who will insist on asking, "are we open the Friday after Thanksgiving?" For everyone else, you can stop those questions before they start with this bot.

View the Talla Holiday Schedule Announcement Template for Slack

Professional Development Budget Announcement

Given all the time and effort that human resources teams put into securing professional development budgets, it would be a shame to let those funds languish because employees never knew that professional development assistance was an option. With this bot, the word will get out.

View the Talla Professional Development Budget Announcement Template for Slack

New Company Policy Announcement

Ignorance of the law may not be a defense, but it is a problem. (Again, we refer you the issue of TPS reports.) The rollout of new company policies goes a lot smoother when everyone knows the policy, and you don't have to send Bill Lumbergh around to nag everyone about the changes. This bot is your kinder, gentler, virtual Lumbergh.

View the Talla New Company Policy Announcement Template for Slack

Every human resources department should be on chat, and every chat platform shout be automating common, repetitive HT tasks. When the time comes for you to bring ChatOps to HR, these are the "nag campaigns" you should automate first.

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