Announcing HubSpot, Zendesk, and Jira Integrations

Posted by Rob May on Dec 18, 2018 6:29:20 AM

We are constantly working on two things at Talla: 1) Automating away ever more Service and Support tasks, and 2) Working everywhere that you work. In order to fulfill both of these pieces of the Talla vision, we have to continue to integrate with more tools. Today we are excited to announce integrations with HubSpot, Zendesk, and Jira.

What does this mean for how you use Talla?

There are three key benefits to these integrations.

1. You can get access to Talla answers and automations directly within these tools. Want to work from HubSpot and access Talla? Easy. Need to have Talla take care of a task while you are in Zendesk? No need to change to a different system. Talla will work everywhere you are already working.

2. If you have content or workflows in these other tools, Talla can tap into them. Need to pull an answer from the HubSpot knowledge base? Talla has read it, and can do that. You can pull that while in HubSpot, or while in Talla's web app, or our Chrome plugin, or via chat in Slack or MS Teams.

3. Create content in, and/or from other systems. Part of the challenge of knowledge management for support teams is that information is often scattered. Now Talla can capture it wherever you are.

Here are some screenshots of Talla at work. The first shows how to configure the integrations from the Chrome plugin. (Salesforce is coming soon!)



Now here is an example showing how to source an answer to a question while working in HubSpot. In this example I'm doing it through the Chrome plugin, but the data can come from the HubSpot knowledge base. (Note I did it while writing this post in Hubspot - check out the title)



Like all Talla use cases, we use our proprietary NLU to source answers here, and you can see at the bottom of the widget you can edit or create content on the fly while in other systems.

The reception from our existing customers has been awesome. So, if you are interested in new ways of working to automate tasks, answer common questions, and dramatically improve your productivity, please check out Talla and the new integrations.

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