Announcing the New Talla ServiceAssistant - An Intelligent Conversational ServiceDesk

Posted by Rob May on Apr 5, 2017 10:45:09 AM

Today we have a big announcement. You’ve probably watched the “bot” industry over the last year with some skepticism. We have too. And we spent the last year building a product with everything we learned about bots that we believe highlights all the strengths of bots and conversational interfaces, without the weaknesses.


Our goal at Talla is to automate away your boring monotonous busy work, so that you, and everyone on your team, can focus on being creative, thinking strategically, and spending more time on the important face-to-face communications that are so valuable.

Today we are giving you access to our new product, the Talla ServiceAssistant. It’s a web app plus a bot interface that functions like a ServiceDesk for internal teams like HR and I.T., but with a twist. Talla ServiceAssistant learns over time from the people who use it, so boring monotonous work slowly gets automated away.

What can it do? Three key things:

  1. Talla is a conversational knowledge base. Rather than digging through wikis and other systems, you just ask Talla what you need to know. Talla takes care of building out the information pages, keeping everything up to date, and automating the responses to users.
  2. Talla is a conversational ticketing system. Have a request? Just ask Talla and it gets routed to the administration portal for someone to handle. You can check ticket status, and get results, all without leaving Slack or MS Teams.
  3. Talla is an intelligent workflow automation tool. Always sending repetitive communications? Teach them to Talla and free up your time.

The unique thing about this product is that it allows you to provide a better employee and admin experience for managing your company knowledgebase and workflows. It simultaneously improves accuracy and response times, while increasing productivity and saving money. That is a rare combination.


And this is just the beginning. Talla is the world’s first A.I.-driven ServiceDesk and the thing about A.I. products is that they just get better over time, as they learn more and more. You benefit immensely from starting early with A.I. driven systems. The time it takes the tool to learn will provide you with an advantage over your competitors when they adopt later. You can start using it by clicking below, so please give it a shot and let us know what you think, and what else Talla should learn to do.

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