Five Things Junior Software Engineers Should Look for in a Startup Job

Posted by Hart Neray on Nov 21, 2016 8:43:00 AM

Junior-Engineers-Look-for-in-Startup-Job-Talla.jpegThis post was contributed by Hart Neray, a Software Engineer at Talla. 

My first software engineering job out of college was the best possible job for my career — and I didn't realize at the time how lucky I was to get it. If I had to do my post-graduation job search over again, I wouldn't pick a different employer, but I'd approach a lot of things differently to make sure I ended up at a place like Talla.

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Conversational Interface: People Don’t (Necessarily) Read What Your Bot Says

Posted by Jon Klein on Nov 17, 2016 10:25:00 AM

Chatbots are all the rage. Or, at least they were a couple of months ago. You don’t need to go back far in time to see the full hype and disillusionment cycle. In April, VentureBeat declared a chatbot gold rush and then a short time later in October that chatbots suck (for now). How did this change in chatbot sentiment build so quickly?

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