3 Ways Talla AI Can Simplify Your Salesforce Migration (Even After It's Started)

Posted by Alyssa Verzino on Apr 30, 2019 11:35:14 AM
Conventional wisdom holds that the worst time to adopt new software is when you're already in the middle of another complex software implementation -- like, say, Salesforce -- but modern AI automation solutions are turning this wisdom on its head. The best time to integrate artificial intelligence tools like Talla is when you're revamping your operations with a major software solution like Salesforce.
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5 Things People Are Missing About Artificial Intelligence

Posted by Rob May on Apr 29, 2019 4:22:11 PM

The frustrating thing about reading AI news is that it covers a lot of the stuff that doesn't matter.  As someone who runs an AI company, invests in AI companies, and writes a newsletter about AI (and thus reads a lot of AI news), I thought it would be good to highlight 5 key ideas that I seem mostly missing from the frameworks people use to think about AI.  I do talk to a lot of smart people who know these things, in fact, some of the ideas came from AI. executives I've spoken to about AI. adoption, but most people, I believe, are missing these key pieces.

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Customer Spotlight: How Talla Has Changed Work at Botkeeper

Posted by Alyssa Verzino on Apr 29, 2019 10:09:29 AM


Here at Talla, we are an automation company specializing in automating customer support workflows of all kind. Talla offers a tool that’s support rep facing, as well as a tool that interfaces directly with the end customer for self-service, allowing them to automate many of their own interactions with the company.
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Start Your Journey Toward the Support Org of the Future

Posted by Alyssa Verzino on Apr 23, 2019 1:41:09 PM

For as long as there are businesses with customers, there will be a need for customer service teams -- but what your customer support organization will look like in the future will be heavily influenced by artificial intelligence and software automation.

Case deflection will be far more proactive in the future, as automation software will monitor customer usage of your products and services and detect problems as the happen -- perhaps even before the customer notices a downgrade in service or performance. This automation system will reach out to the customer itself -- via chat, email, autmated voice calling, or contacting their smart-speaker -- to advise on how to solve the problem without needing to search for advice in your FAQs or contact your support team.

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Q&A with Dan Wulin, Head of Data Science and Machine Learning at Wayfair

Posted by Alyssa Verzino on Apr 19, 2019 10:05:00 AM

Wayfair is an e-commerce company specializing in home goods. A quick glance at their sleek website shows that the shopping experience here is definitely different from that of Amazon or Walmart. Pinterest-esque panels showcase attractive furniture arrangements, allowing you to pick items out visually instead of just searching by a specific item.

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Avoid the Hidden Costs of Infinitely Cheap File Storage. Begin Your Journey Away from Digital Hoarder Towards True Data ROI, Today.

Posted by Alyssa Verzino on Apr 17, 2019 11:53:31 AM

Ever since Gmail shook up the free online storage game in 2004 by giving away a then-shocking gigabyte of space, individuals and businesses alike have become "digital hoarders" -- keeping all their old data around in case it becomes useful later -- regardless of the unacknowledged drawbacks of the practice. And while storage has become exponentially cheaper over the last 15 years, the hidden costs of digital hoarding may finally outweigh their benefits.

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AI for B2B Sales with Collective[i] on AI at Work

Posted by Alyssa Verzino on Apr 12, 2019 4:59:00 PM

To take a closer look at how AI is remodeling the landscape of B2B sales, we hear from Stephen Messer, co-founder of Collective[i] on episode 35 of AI at Work. Collective[i] was born out of a trend that Stephen observed in his previous company - LinkShare - a pioneer in the field of performance-based marketing and affiliate links.

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Why Enterprise Search Tools are the Wrong Answer to the Right Problem

Posted by Alyssa Verzino on Apr 9, 2019 1:18:00 PM

Information is critical to the success of any modern business, so it's no surprise that many companies are enticed by enterprise support tools. These tools, however, are often a band-aid to a larger information organization and curation problem -- one that modern automation tools are better disposed to solve than old-fashioned search software.

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The Difference Between Support Case Deflection and Support Case Prevention

Posted by Alyssa Verzino on Apr 8, 2019 11:55:00 AM

Support case deflection is the art of empowering your customers to troubleshoot their own support issues without having to actually engage with your customer support teams. While case deflection is inarguably a cost-saving practice, it isn't an optimal experience for your customers. The real goal should be case prevention -- solving your customers' problems before they even need to contact you.

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Top AI Podcasts in 2019

Posted by Alyssa Verzino on Apr 5, 2019 10:12:12 AM

One of the best ways to keep yourself up-to-date on the latest developments in the world of AI and machine learning is a great podcast. Just like the field itself, AI-centric podcasts are continuously developing and diversifying - they’re a great way to learn while commuting, working out, and living your life. We’ve put together a roundup of five podcasts that explore the latest advances through different lenses. We’ll tell you a little bit of background about each one so that you can start to get a sense of which of these highly rated podcasts appeals most to you. 

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The 3 Different Kinds of Support ChatBots

Posted by Rob May on Apr 4, 2019 7:32:08 AM

If you are looking to deploy a chatbot for support and have started to investigate the market for chatbot providers, you've probably been left with your head spinning trying to understand how they are different. Chatbot companies have different ways for building bots (how much is it out of the box ready, vs designed by you?) and different places they can deploy (website, facebook, slack, etc). This post is going to look quickly at the AI, or, in some cases lack of AI, that these bots have. In general you can divide them into one of 3 camps.

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4 Ways Customer Support Has Changed and How to Keep Up

Posted by Juliette Kopecky on Apr 3, 2019 1:15:00 PM

Spoiler alert: If you’re not using AI to automate your customer support processes, you’re going to get left behind. This may sound like an exaggeration, but it’s not.  

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How to Automate Over 90% of Your Support Inquiries with Talla Customer Assist

Posted by Juliette Kopecky on Apr 2, 2019 11:06:17 AM

Today, we’re excited to launch our Customer Assist product to help businesses automate self-serve support by using Talla to answer support tickets directly on their site. With Customer Assist, end customers interact directly with Talla, giving them the power to get immediate, accurate answers to their support inquiries.

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5 Best Practices for Adopting AI from Box, Bloomberg Beta, Affectiva, and LinkSquares

Posted by Juliette Kopecky on Apr 1, 2019 3:04:52 PM

We’ve curated a selection of interesting perspectives from the latest guests on AI at Work. On Episode 34, you’ll hear a roundup of insights on frequently asked questions about the timing and first steps of getting started with AI as well as other useful recommendations that companies can use to strategically leverage technologies, priming themselves to move ahead quickly.

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