Artificial Intelligence is Changing Onboarding

Posted by Stephanie Ventura on Sep 28, 2017 8:00:00 AM


For Human Resources staff and hiring managers alike, onboarding should be a top priority. Studies show that almost 20% of turnover in any organization happens within the first three months of employment. Needless to say, a good onboarding experience translates into employee retention. 

There are countless best practices for onboarding new employees, and one of the most popular is the use of the buddy system. Buddies help new hires in a lot of ways. He or she is an approachable resource who can give tours to new staff, help them attain access badges, and point out the closest coffee shop. But most importantly, a buddy helps a new employee understand and integrate into the company culture. Their goal is to welcome new people and help them fit into their new environment.

However, it’s easy for a buddy to turn into a questions-only resource. To avoid becoming a human FAQ machine, an organization needs to provide tools that support new hires throughout the onboarding process so buddies and hiring managers can spend time connecting with a new hire in more meaningful ways.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is ready to act as the single point of access for company information. Whether the intelligent agent lives on a chat platform or just a standard web browser, AI can harness company information and deliver it instantly when employees ask the agent a question. Now, the first time you answer “when is open enrollment?” is also the last time.

Whether you’re a hiring manager or a Human Resources staff member, AI can help you improve a new employee’s transition into the organization. Onboarding should be spent delving into core job responsibilities and helping new team members adapt to the culture, not answering common questions every single new hire asks.

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