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Posted by Alyssa Verzino on Mar 13, 2019 5:30:27 PM


According to Forbes’ Predictions For Customer Service In 2019, the two most important things for customers today are convenience and speed. With that being said, the prediction that 2019 will be a record year in AI investment for customer support comes as no shock.

What Customers Want 

Customers want their case closed as fast as possible. That’s why we’re dedicated to making Talla’s AI-powered automation work everywhere that your support reps are, including Salesforce. Let’s walk through an example of how Talla works in Salesforce to save your reps time and get the right answer to your customers, faster.

How It Works 

Imagine that you are a support rep. You open a support case in Salesforce. The subject is, “How do I reset my password?”. Talla knows the answer to that question, so it is underlined in blue. All you need to do now? Simply click on the underlined text to see the answer on the right side of the window. You can then click the "insert" button to put the precise answer from Talla into the reply and click send. This takes you from question to answer in two clicks. Case closed. Now, you have time to be more productive and plow through the rest of the support queue with answers that are both fast and accurate.

Salesforce and Talla

Let’s say the answer to a customer’s question is not in Talla. No problem. You can still right click and pull up Talla, which will then give the option to request an answer. Talla will get the answer from the subject-matter-expert at your company, and you will be notified when the answer has been provided. 

Key Benefits 

Two great things came from this experience. First of all, you identified a knowledge gap, something that customers need to know that you do not have documented. Now that you figured out information was missing, once the subject-matter-expert answers the question, the answer will be recorded in Talla and available next time a customer asks.

Secondly, as the support rep, you were able to request an answer and move onto the next case. No waiting, no time wasted. Before Talla, you would have spent excessive time searching for the answer, and as you spent more time searching and neglecting other cases, other customers were stuck waiting longer for their answers.

By using Talla while in Salesforce, reps are able to provide precise answers to customers, quickly. No more toggling between systems and no more time wasted getting bogged down searching for an answer. More productive reps, happier customers. Case closed.

If you would like to get a demo of Talla to learn more about how you can save support costs with automated responses, actions, and increased rep productivity, let us know!

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