Deliver First Call Resolution with Content-Aware Customer Service Automation

Posted by Alyssa Verzino on Feb 28, 2019 3:56:43 PM

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When a customer contacts your support team, the goal should always be "first call resolution," which is the insider term for "making sure the customer's problem gets solved quickly so you don't have to call them back later." New customer service automation tools can help make first call resolution the rule, rather than the exception -- even for complex customer support cases. 

The first step to call resolution is diagnosing the customer's problem, and we detail how new automation solutions can help in our previous blog post: Ensure First Call Resolution with Diagnostic Customer Service Automation.

But automation can do more than just figure out what's wrong; content-aware customer service automation can help you identify and maintain a solution for any known customer issue.

Nearly every customer service solution includes a search function to help your wade through your knowledge base or shared document storage system. That's a commodity feature. But search is only as good as the content you're searching and the context around the search you're performing.

Most search systems perform simple keyword or key-phrase matching, so they return a list of documented solutions that have the most prominent instances of the words in your search query. That's great for Google when it's sifting through trillions of web pages to find the one that most closely matches your term, but odds are your own internal knowledge base has a much smaller variety of content. A search query that includes the name of one of your products will likely match a large number of your solution articles, but may not prioritize the one with the answer your customer needs.

And if a single customer issue -- say, an inability to send an email -- has a large number of known causes and possible fixes, simply searching against "can't send email," won't help narrow your answers. While your diagnostic automation likely helped narrow down the parameters of the problem, connecting that diagnostic chatbot to a content-aware artificial intelligence will help the diagnoser formulate questions that automatically distinguish between different versions of the same customer issue.

It's like harnessing the experience of a veteran service rep, but at the speed and scale of software.

Unfortunately, even the most sophisticated AI chatbot can't locate a solution that isn't properly documented. Most customer service knowledge bases are riddled with duplicate, contradictory, inaccurate, and outdated content. A content-aware AI agent can identify these issues with your customer service documentation and help you correct them, so that no search returns bad data, and no agent -- AI or human -- is left to sift through both good answers and bad alike.

Talla is building the content-aware customer service chatbot you need to consistently deliver first call resolution. If you'd like to learn more about how AI and automation can manage and maintain better customer service documentation and help you close calls faster, contact Talla today.

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