Don't Fear the Chatbot: Why Support Reps Should Demand AI Assistants

May, 29 2019

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A number of companies are rushing to deploy artificial intelligence because they are afraid not to, but many of those companies' employees -- customer support agents in particular -- are afraid that AI will mean the end of their job. Both fears are unfounded, because AI could be the best thing to ever happen to a support representative -- so long as you understand what AI can and can't do.

Support representatives' daily work is often, to put it kindly, repetitive. Many of the tickets that support reps close could have been prevented if users had simply read the manual. And even when solving a problem is as easy as reading a section of a user guide to a customer, all the administrative overhead of opening, updating, and closing a support ticket still drags down your support team's professional satisfaction and personal sanity.

So why not make a chatbot do all that work?

Listen up, support reps: Chatbots aren't coming for your job because chatbots can't do the most important parts of your job.

Software is about automating the boring stuff. Support reps get kudos for solving problems, not completing virtual paperwork. If support work was a superhero movie, managing a ticket queue would happen off-screen. The "behind the scenes" work that no one notices or likes is what AI support solutions were designed to handle.

Put more simply: let a chatbot read the manual to a customer who can't be bothered. You've got better things to to do.

The important support work is actually solving problems, especially new issues that don't have documented solutions. We all wish users would read the manual, but what happens when the manual is incomplete or just plain wrong? That's where support reps and support engineers shine.

And when you do find a novel solution to a previously unknown issue, don't waste unnecessary time writing up your work in six different systems for six different audiences. Let an AI software agent update your documentation so that it can add your new knowledge to the user manual -- and then parse out that new user guide to every subsequent customer that calls in with the same problem.

AI doesn't mean the end of human support work -- it means the end of boring, repetitive, frustrating support work. Customer support agents and support engineers shouldn't be running from artificial intelligence; they should running to their managers and demanding a little AI backup to make their work less hectic and more interesting.

If you're ready to learn how artificial intelligence can make your support work simpler and more satisfying, tell you boss to contact Talla today.

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