Don't Let "FOMAI" Fuel Your Artificial Intelligence Strategy

November, 26 2018

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FOMAI One of the contributing factors to social media addiction is FOMO, or fear of missing out. It's an unhealthy condition wherein smartphone users constantly check their notifications for fear they are being left out of rewarding social situations. It is a terrible reason to use -- or not use -- your smartphone or social media.

Unfortunately, a similar mal-adaptation is driving the artificial intelligence strategy at many businesses. They have FOMAI, fear of missing artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence has been hailed as a revolutionary technology and a business necessity, but many organizations don't really understand AI -- they only know that they need it, and that not having AI puts them at a disadvantage. This leads to FOMAI.

Sufferers of FOMAI will adopt any technology that claims to incorporate artificial intelligence, even if that technology is mostly B.S. and hype. This is no more healthy than following everyone you possibly can on every social media platform in the hopes you'll finally know about all the good parties.

You can't do everything and be everywhere, so obsessing about missing out on the events you see posted on social media is unhealthy. By the same token, you can't possibly adopt or gain value from every supposedly AI-enhanced solution on the market, so buying "AI for the sake of AI" is equally irrational.

The cure for FOMO is to only follow your "real" friends on social media platforms and accept that there are simply more wonderful and exciting things to do in the world than you'll have time for. Properly utilized, social media can help you make more fruitful decisions about what activities and relationships are worth your time and energy. It's all in how you use the data.

Similarly, a healthy understanding of artificial intelligence can ensure you don't adopt ill-suited or ineffective AI solutions.

Talla's PAC framework can help you sort out AI hype from reality. It can also demonstrate why, for all the FOMAI irrationality, you should be worried about missing out on artificial intelligence.

AI works on a flywheel effect; the longer it runs in your organization, the more effective it becomes. The longer your team works with AI, the more they understand it. Thus, there is a strong business case for adopting artificial intelligence solutions as soon as you're ready.

The downside to FOMAI is that you'll adopt an AI system before the solution is ready, or before your company knows what type of AI it needs.

Talla has focused on a very specific type of artificial intelligence -- automating rote knowledge worker tasks so human beings can focus on more meaningful work. Talla's customer support assistant can make your support representatives more efficient by helping them work smarter and faster. This cuts down on call times and support costs, which is a real problem that AI can really, truly solve.

If you're tired of letting FOMAI rule your AI strategy and are ready for artificial intelligence to lower your customer support costs, contact Talla today.

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