Eight Tasks Intelligent Knowledge Bases Can Streamline for Product Managers

October, 16 2017

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product management graphic

product management graphic

Modern product management is fundamentally a knowledge management exercise, especially for software companies. However, modern knowledge management solutions aren't really designed to help product managers – but artificial intelligence is poised to change that, and bring product-knowledge management into the modern software age.

At the risk of blatantly stealing from the Wikipedia, product management comprises each of the following tasks:

  1. Gathering the voice of customers
  2. Identifying new product candidates and enhancements to current products
  3. Determining business-case and feasibility of new products and features
  4. Defining product requirements
  5. Building product roadmaps, particularly technology roadmaps
  6. Developing all products on schedule, working to a critical path
  7. Ensuring products are within optimal price margins and up to specifications
  8. Evangelizing new products within the company

Each of these tasks requires gathering, capturing, and organizing detailed information – exactly the sort of data you'd commit to a knowledge management solution. Each item on the list above influences one another. Knowledge management software allows cross-referencing and indexing so that these connections are not only obvious, but also useful. Unfortunately, maintaining those cross-references is often an arduous and exacting task and – as the list above demonstrates – product managers already have a quite a bit on their plates.

That's where an artificially intelligent software agent comes in. Just like Apple's Siri or Google's Assistant can help you find online data and manage common tasks, an AI agent can help product managers capture, organize, and manage their critical product information.

Tools like Apple's Siri and Google's Assistant do more than simply convert spoken requests into software commands; these AI agents also anticipate user needs. When entering an airport, they proffer boarding passes; when appointments approach, they suggest the appropriate time to leave based on travel and traffic conditions; when consuming news articles, they suggest related stories. Similar artificial intelligence tools can make a conventional knowledge base far more useful to product managers.

When conducting a customer discovery interview, an AI agent can ensure that any product or feature mentioned is appropriately tagged and indexed. When follow-up interviews are scheduled, the virtual assistant can bring up past discovery notes, as well as the discovery items from other customers who were interviewed about similar products.

Integrating AI into your routine

When developing business cases, an AI agent can suggest past business cases and calculation tools to reference. When developing product specifications, the agent can offer up design and user-experience standards as well as existing product specs to incorporate. When creating anything that might impact resource allocations or delivery timetables, the agent can prompt a product manager to update the master product roadmap.

And when the time comes to launch a new product – both internally and externally – an AI knowledge base assistant can round up all this data to help develop training and marketing materials for customers and employees alike.

Product managers are in many ways knowledge managers, and they deserve a knowledge management solution that makes their jobs easier and more efficient. An artificially intelligent knowledge base can help product managers capture, organize, and leverage all the data they need to deliver better products.

Competitive businesses rely on the latest tools. Drive your product team forward and try Talla for Knowledge Management today.

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