Empowering Knowledge-Centered Support With Talla

June, 30 2021

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Talla's Smart Knowledge Base

Life gets easier when your Customer Support and Customer Success teams don't have to reinvent the wheel whenever a recurring problem pops up. Talla uses automation to keep your information up-to-date, relevant, and organized, so you don’t have to. With Talla, your company’s knowledge is accessible wherever your team works, giving users a quick and easy way to find what they need. We know that managing information with traditional knowledge bases just doesn’t work for some organizations. Information changes quickly, and keeping it updated in your company’s knowledge base becomes an enormous task. This often results in document graveyards where content goes stale, gets duplicated, or is difficult to find, so employees often abandon it.  

There are three basic but time-consuming tasks required for Knowledge-Centered support where AI solutions like Talla can automate them and make life a lot easier.

  • If your Knowledge Base is hard to search, support staff won't consult it
  • If your Knowledge Base is hard to update, staff won't add to it
  • If your Knowledge Base doesn't have helpful, accurate content in it, staff won't trust it

Talla acts as a digital assistant that helps you automate the knowledge management process by adapting to the needs of your team and provides a better knowledge discovery process by utilizing cutting-edge AI techniques. Talla helps your team by creating and organizing data in your Knowledge Base so it can look for solutions effectively, returning only the information needed rather than a list of links to keyword-matched PDFs and documents. Since Talla skips the bulky documentation by surfacing specific information, users no longer spend hours of wasted time searching through endless pages of unneeded content. In addition, users can train Talla by creating and annotating knowledge base documents. As Talla continually learns what’s relevant and essential to your organization, it will deliver a better experience to its users over time. Here are just a few ways in which Talla is empowering intelligent knowledge-centered support.

Automatically Update Information: The biggest knowledge-based hurdle companies face is deciding whether or not knowledge is up-to-date. If your knowledge base is unorganized, content can go stale, or you could have multiple documents on the same topic with conflicting information, that’s where Talla’s contextual awareness comes in. For example, if something changes like your business address, AI can surface relevant information that may also need to be updated, like transportation or new parking information. With Talla, you can say goodbye to stale, duplicate, and scattered content because Talla takes care of keeping your company’s information updated, relevant, and accessible.

Eliminate Information Silos and Knowledge Gaps: Talla also helps businesses identify gaps or missing content within their knowledge base. For example, if a new product feature was being introduced to customers, internal teams like Marketing or Sales Enablement must be aware. In addition to annotating the latest information about recent product enhancements, Talla can create new articles or entries based on those content updates. This means important information is never missing from your knowledge base. By using Talla to organize your content and manage content requests from users, Talla can automatically surface knowledge gaps, so you know what content you need but don't have.

Automatically Improve Knowledge:  Over time, even the most comprehensive Knowledge Base falls out of date. But the same tools that help your support staff populate your Knowledge Base can prompt and guide them in updating your documentation to ensure it's accurate and complete. For example, a knowledge base article on product pricing gets an update, Talla can automatically flag every related pricing document for review and update accordingly. If a new product version is released, Talla can ask for the same updates to every document related to that product line, and so on. Talla can even note who the likely subject matter expert is for a documentation update, so no one has to guess the right Product Manager or Sales Director to get the right information. Talla keeps track of who owns what content so when it needs to be re-validated it will automate the entire process so your team can focus on higher priority tasks. In addition, by automatically validating information, Talla gives users content relevant to them based on who they are and what kind of work they’ve done in the past.

Bridging Your Systems- Talla isn't just a Knowledge Base, it's a workflow management tool that allows your team to access information from anywhere in your system. Talla brings new meaning to the phrase, "being on the same page" because Talla works wherever you work, making sure your team is always connected and has access to the same information no matter what platform they are working from. Talla works alongside your team, bridging your systems so whether you're working through Slack, MS Teams, Email or your web browser, Talla is always there to answer your questions and solve customer requests 24/7.


With the help of an AI agent, your knowledge management system is easier to populate, navigate, and keep up-to-date than ever before and with a knowledge base that's always current and easy to search, you can turn your knowledge management solution into a strategic advantage for your organization. 

Talla has developed an automated Knowledge Base and AI support assistant that provides the Customer Support Automation and Agent Support Automation you need to make Knowledge-Centered Support an achievable process in your organization.

Do you want to automatically capture, structure, reuse, and improve the information that makes customer support easy? Contact Talla today.




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