Equip Your Sales Team with Fast, Accurate Information to Close More Deals

Posted by Alyssa Verzino on Oct 25, 2018 10:31:01 AM


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Every time a sales representative responds to a prospect with the words "I don't know," your knowledge base has failed. While most knowledge base solutions aren't designed to explicitly support sales teams, there are still steps you can take to optimize your knowledge base content for sales success.

There are three reasons your knowledge base fails your sales team:
  • Needed content is missing
  • Needed content is hidden
  • Needed content is wrong

Simply hiring a good editor for your knowledge base content would appear to address these core issues, but the way in which they are addressed could determine how well your knowledge base serves your sales process.

You can solve the problem of missing content by auditing your knowledge base to determine if core topics haven't been documented, but what constitutes a core topic depends on whether you ask a salesperson, support representative, software engineer, customer success lead, or product manager. There are specific topics of particular relevance to the sales team and the way in which those knowledge base entries are written and formatted impacts their usefulness to sales.

By the same token, hidden content may be written in such a way that it is present but isn't effectively indexed by your knowledge base's search engine, it isn't obvious within the knowledge base's category structure, or it isn't highlighted within longform knowledge base entries. A product specification document that's designed to help success teams implement a customer will be written very differently than a promotional sheet designed to generate customer excitement or an objection-handling guide designed to close deals.

As for "wrong" content, no one willfully creates inaccurate knowledge base entries, but documentation can quickly fall out of date if it's not constantly maintained. Sales teams working off old pricing or old product specs can mislead customers, overlooking deal-winning features that sales doesn't know have been added, or causing longterm customer churn when promises are made based on incorrect product data.

Talla's latest eBook, "How to Prevent Losing Customers with Fast, Accurate Information," can help you organize, populate, and maintain a sales-centric knowledge base.

This eBook offers specific, tactical steps for designing category structures and indexable keywords to return sales-effective search results. It suggests core topics -- and article formats -- that drive sales calls. Above all, it demonstrates how to work with an artificially intelligent virtual assistant to proactively make your knowledge base sales content more accurate, more comprehensive, and more likely to help close deals.

If you'd like to set up your current knowledge base for sales success, download How to Prevent Losing Customers with Fast, Accurate Information today.

And if you'd like to learn more about how A.I. can optimize your knowledge base for sales success, schedule a demo of Talla.



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