Equip Your Sales Teams to Always Be Closing, Better.

Posted by Alyssa Verzino on Oct 4, 2018 11:04:00 AM

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No matter your industry or role, you’ve heard a lot about the promise of AI

You’ve probably also seen vendors that have added an AI message on top of their existing solutions — vendors have been hyping its capabilities for years, and it is difficult to parse truth from, well, BS. Sales is no exception, legacy applications have been given a quick AI makeover.

But the robots won’t be replacing sales professionals any time. AI will help many of us do our jobs better — by guiding us to make better decisions, and completing many of the repetitive tasks that fill our days. And for sales, this means freeing up your teams to do what they do best — make better connections with the right prospects to close deals.

Today, AI-powered software bots are helping sales professionals do their job better — by concentrating on what they do best. AI is automating the back-end busywork — think data entry, information gathering and other drudgery — to free sales to do the strategic and creative work that bots simply can’t do.

What kinds of sales tactics can AI do better?

Accelerate Ramp Time for Better Onboarding — Getting your new reps up-and-running is a critical, yet highly labor-intensive process. No matter how much product training you provide, there’s always more knowledge to share — and this information changes with every product advancement. It’s difficult for a sales rep to keep track of every product spec — particularly as they are coming onboard. It’s not difficult for a bot to do that. Bots can scan your knowledge repository put the right information at a new reps’ fingertips — and answer questions that will otherwise take your sales team away from their jobs.

Equip Sales with Better Product Information — You don’t ever want to lose a deal because of “I don’t know.” Bots can ensure that you constantly have up-to-date product information — and competitive background — at your fingertips. And the more information a bot accesses, the more valuable it becomes.

Optimize Lead Qualification — There is truly no way to “over qualify” a lead — no matter how much information you have, there’s more information out there on your prospects. Powered with information on your products, customers and use cases, bots can further qualify every lead, and ensure that your sales team has the right information at their fingertips before every customer touchpoint.

The bots haven’t taken over — but they are doing the critical, yet repetitive tasks that help sales do what it does best: sell. To better equip your sales teams, contact Talla today.


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