Five Essential Tasks for Your Company’s First IT Administrator

Posted by Stephanie Ventura on Sep 14, 2017 9:30:00 AM

As an Information Technology administrator, your company depends on you. A failed IT network can impact day-to-day business operations and result in substantial monetary and security losses. An IT administrator with strong standardization and documentation skills is crucial. The ability to automate as much of the IT operation as possible to supplement the growth of the overall company can help you become the backbone of your business. 

For lean teams, or even a one-person IT department in particular, you have countless tasks to juggle. Luckily, artificial intelligence (AI) has finally matured to where it can reasonably and affordably augment basic IT tasks, and make you more effective and efficient.

So where do you start?

Essentially, there are five steps all IT administrators should follow in order to achieve an efficient and highly automated IT department. It’s time to leverage AI to handle the basics so you can cover more important, strategic tasks. This eBook will guide you through five important action items to ensure your IT department’s success, no matter the size of your team.

Security is paramount to an organization and is, of course, top of mind for you. In order to monitor systems and spot issues before recovery is necessary, you must be equipped with a proactive, automated monitor for every component of your IT infrastructure. Unfortunately, no system is 100% infallible, and in the instance of a service failure, automated protections should be utilized to minimize disruptions.

The IT helpdesk is a common feature of nearly every business. As an administrator, one of the first investments you should make is service desk software that enables you to help the employees of the company with various issues. However, it’s really easy to get inundated quickly by repetitive, monotonous questions. One ticket after another begin to blend together.

But an AI-augmented service desk can monitor employee requests, respond to common issues and questions immediately, and preemptively create support tickets. Your inbox gets bombarded less often, leaving you with more time to deploy strategic initiatives, like vetting enterprise chat software or deploying an intelligent assistant.

Implementing chat or bots is another way you can utilize AI to facilitate the flow of information in your business and enhance everyone’s experience. Intelligent assistants can extract valuable data from many sources, including enterprise chat conversations, in order to take basic actions. The more data your staff and AI assistants have access to, the more valuable each member of your organization becomes.

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