Happy 1st Birthday, Slack App Store

December, 15 2016

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Today is the 1 year anniversary of the launch of Slack’s App Store, and it’s been a great year for them.
Slack is known for how quickly their platform has been adopted at businesses around the world since they launched. They’ve nailed the user experience, the on boarding, and the search that matters so much. And, if this year is any indication, their App Store is on a similar path. Currently, there are 830 apps and integrations in the store. 
Here are some of our favorites (that every business can benefit from): 


Marketing and Sales teams, get excited about Hubspot’s Growthbot. Even if you don’t have Hubspot, you can add this bot to your team’s Slack account to get intelligent insights about what your competition is up to. 

Trello and Trello Alerts

For any team that uses Trello, these integrations are a must. They allow you to quickly add and edit Trello cards to your board, invite team members, and get notifications, all without leaving Slack. Your team can align more easily and have one less window to tab in and out of all day.   


Do you schedule meetings? Do you have better ways you’d like to spend your time? Meekan is for you. Meekan specializes in scheduling team meetings right within Slack, saving you time and hassle when it’s time to take things from Slack to the conference room.  


Our assistant for Human Resources automates the repetitive tasks and workflows you normally have to do yourself, so you can focus your most important work. Employee on boarding, training, polling, or feedback collection are all examples of customized Talla workflows your team can use. 

Training by Talla:

Slack is full of features that help teams communicate more effectively, collaborate better, and surface the right information. This course teaches you how to use those features, with tips delivered each day to you right in (you guessed it) Slack.  
By themselves, Slack and other chat applications are already improving communication, transparency and alignment within businesses. They’ve cut back on clunky email threads, and made it easier for people to surface the right information when they need it. Adding additional business communications on top of that, centralizing the place where teams run their business processes, and allowing for automation of monotonous tasks is a movement called ChatOps. And that’s where we see work going. Maybe we’re biased, given that our products fit right into that category, but the growth and excitement we’ve seen in our customer base over the last year has been strong proof for us :) 
So, happy birthday to you, Slack App store. We look forward to all that’s ahead (and, thanks for being great partners to your developers like us!) 
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