How AI Can Super Charge Your Customer Support Team

Posted by Alyssa Verzino on Dec 12, 2018 10:30:00 AM


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Customer support representatives have a challenging job that sometimes requires superhuman patience, speed, and product knowledge to handle -- to the point that many support teams struggle to close calls at an efficient rate.

Artificial intelligence can help your support reps power up their skills and help your company power down support costs. But, as Peter Parker learned the hard way, with great power comes great responsibility.

There is a right way and a wrong way to employ AI on your support team. It is not as simple as deploying a chatbot instead of support rep, as the idea that AI can completely replace skilled human workers is mostly BS and hype.

Instead, artificial intelligence should be used to complement your support staff -- to give them the special powers and abilities they need to do their super-difficult job. And, frankly, most chatbots suck.

We outline this thinking in Talla's latest ebook: "Support Reps Are Unsung Heroes, and AI Should be their Sidekick".

In this ebook, we explain exactly how AI can enhance and empower your customer support teams, how support teams can help empower AI agents, and the best way to pair human and artificial intelligence to lower support costs.

If you're ready to power up your support team and start taking advantage of AI for customer service download "Support Reps Are Unsung Heroes, and AI Should be their Sidekick" today!

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