How Artificial Intelligence is Revolutionizing IT Support

Posted by Brooke Torres on Apr 18, 2017 12:44:44 PM
For any organization with an IT person, having a help desk is a must to centralize the location where people can, you know, ask for help. Without it, your entire organization is left to dig for information which might live in any number of systems (your shared drive, an outdated wiki, etc). Even at companies with a help desk that someone has taken the time to put in place, and tried to drive employees towards using, it’s often painfully underutilized because there’s a lot of friction to use it. People don’t like to open a new system, and they don’t like waiting on responses. So, they don’t. Instead they message IT, leave a voicemail, or do a “drive-by” of that person's desk. 
And the more friction for end users to file a help ticket, the more bogged down the IT team is in their endless sift through email strings, voicemails, and 1-off chats. 
If you look at today’s help desks, they’ve got two major issues. 
1. They require users to open up a new system, and follow a multi-step process. Everyone has a job to do, and time away from that is a cost. That includes the time they spend searching for information without an answer, and, moving between systems, checking ticket status, etc. 
2. Many questions that come through IT (and HR, for that matter) are the. same. damn. questions. So the help desk is sending the same replies over and over again. 
  • Yes we have President’s Day off. 
  • Here is the Salesforce password reset link. 
  • Here is the form to fill out your parking pass request. 
But, artificial intelligence can help.  
Since enterprise chat platforms like Slack, Microsoft Teams and HipChat have become so popular, they’re the perfect spot for an A.I.-powered assistant to hang out and do the legwork of answering FAQs, and filing a ticket when it’s a unique situation. 
Those assistants, like Talla’s IT Service Assistant, also learn over time. With a normal FAQ page, it’s up to you to add new questions and answers. But, there’s no set up for the Talla Service Assistant, because new questions are simply routed to you, and, once you’ve answered, Talla never forgets. That means only answering “What’s the link to reset my Salesforce password?” one time. 
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