How HR Can Supercharge Microsoft Teams

August, 14 2017

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Written By
Zach Harned

Human Resources (HR) teams are always looking for ways to grow and improve. A major emphasis of late for HR departments has been the focus on employee experience. Employee experience mediates important workplace variables (viz. employee satisfaction, performance, and retention), which is why companies are so keen to empower HR departments to facilitate and foster a desirable employee experience.

Unfortunately, HR teams are often overwhelmed by small and monotonous tasks, preventing them from focusing on these larger and more strategic goals. For this reason, businesses have been actively seeking ways to free up their HR teams, enabling them to focus on these higher-level tasks.

AI: The Solution to HR’s Woes

One such avenue for empowering HR that has risen to the forefront, is artificial intelligence (AI). HR teams are inundated by high-frequency, low-judgment tasks, which prevents them from directing their attention toward the more strategic and proactive parts of the job. Wouldn’t it be great if HR could delegate these lower-level tasks to an assistant?

This is where artificial intelligence can help. Consumers have noted the power of delegating monotonous tasks to virtual assistants like Siri and Cortana, and businesses are realizing that they too can utilize enterprise-oriented AI bots to help their employees in this way. That’s why here at Talla we have designed an intelligent chatbot to assist HR teams in the myriad tasks they are responsible for.

Your Intelligent Assistant to the Rescue

One of the ways in which HR departments are bogged down is by facing the seemingly never-ending flow of employee inquiries about benefits providers, vacation policies, and so on. One way that enterprises have attempted to assist HR in dealing with these questions is by utilizing Microsoft Teams, enabling fast and open channels of communication from the employees to HR. This is helpful, but HR teams need more, they need a virtual assistant.

Enter Talla. Talla integrates with the Microsoft Teams chat platform to intelligently field the employee questions. HR teams provide answers and training to Talla, progressively building up Talla’s knowledge base of your company specific data. Talla thereby automates the monotony of answering repetitive questions, and if it encounters a question it doesn’t know the answer to, it directs the query to the appropriate HR team member. This person can then teach Talla the answer to this question, so Talla remembers it for next time. Essentially, the more you use Talla, the smarter it gets, and the more time it saves you.


Not only does Talla assist with providing centralization of and access to company information, it can also be used to help HR teams with other tasks, such as training and onboarding. Talla’s campaign feature provides an easy to use avenue for onboarding procedures or for rolling out new trainings. Not only is this fast and effective—thereby freeing up members of the HR team—but it also provides uniformity in the information dissemination across employees and departments. This is particularly important for fostering a culture of unity across the company, as well as guaranteeing compliance for certain mandatory trainings, such as workplace safety or sexual harassment trainings. Talla is then well positioned to help with follow-up questions from employees regarding the training, and the more trainings that Talla performs, the smarter and better it gets at them.



It can be frustrating working in an HR department when you feel overwhelmed by lower-level obligations. HR has been tasked with the responsibility of developing and fostering a company culture that encourages a positive employee experience. But its hard to focus on this when you are caught up answering questions, onboarding, and providing standard trainings.

Talla is here to help take some of those more monotonous tasks off HR’s plate, empowering them to focus on the higher-level and more interesting parts of the job. HR needs to be proactive, creative, and strategic in order to develop and maintain the desired company culture, and Talla can help give HR the tools and time to do so. Get started with Talla today to empower your HR department to create the kind of company and culture you want.

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