How I.T. Teams Can Be All-Star Players

May, 18 2017

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Written By
Becca Norton


We love basketball at Talla. So much so, that the first day of March Madness is even a company holiday. It should come as no surprise then that as a company based in Boston, we are a little bit more than excited that our Celtics are in the Eastern Conference Finals. So with green on our mind and as a company focused on assisting IT teams with our Talla Service Assistant, we couldn't help comparing IT to one of our favorite players, Isaiah Thomas (who, by seeming no coincidence, is better known as I.T.). Isaiah Thomas is known for bringing in the big wins when it counts, and we think his strategies can do the same for your IT team. 

Be small, but agile

Although Isaiah stands at a mere 5’9" in height compared to the average 6’7" NBA player, he doesn’t let that stand in his way. With a 28.9 average point score per game (and recently scoring 53 points for the most points in a game this postseason), he can easily make his way around any player and clear the net.

Your IT department may be small compared to the rest of the company, but your job is in no way little. What the team lacks in size you can make up for in the ability to quickly & easily solve employee issues.

Perform well under pressure

With a tied series match in the semifinals, there was a lot riding on Game 7.  Despite a shaky start, the Celtics and Isaiah remained focused till the end and didn’t crack under pressure.

An employee’s computer has crashed? The internet is down, again? An exec needs their mobile phone replaced ASAP? Most of the time your handling requests and issues that are time sensitive. You're putting out fires left and right. A well-run IT team can conquer these issues with ease and sincerity but also prioritize their time so their effort is best utilized where it matters.

Remain "always on" despite challenging circumstances

We were saddened to hear of a personal tragedy Isaiah endured during the playoffs. After an unexpected death in the family and helping to secure a playoff series victory for the Celtics, Isaiah flew home to Seattle to be with family during a difficult time. Despite this, he didn’t quit and he arrived in Boston at 4am the following day to then play in the Celtics game that night.

As someone responsible for a wide range of employee’s needs, your IT deptartment has to be ready for the unexpected and be on for any type of emergency situation.  Whether it be a security risk found on your company’s network, your boss notifying you of new hires last minute, or your company’s internet or video conference system going down during a key presentation, your IT department is often there to save the day, no matter what time it may be.

Be a leader in assists

So far in his career, Isaiah Thomas has had a 5.4 assist average, making him an assisting machine and always ready to pass the ball when the time is right.

Regardless of whether it’s helping a new employee get set up with their laptop, building out your company’s IT network, or answering tickets, the IT department is consistently assisting the company and their employees with their needs and keeping things running smoothly. 

Be the point guard of your team  

As Point Guard for the Celtics, Isaiah is expected to run the team's offense by controlling the ball and making sure that it gets to the right players at the right time.

Similar to the point guard in basketball, your IT team is consistently retrieving tickets and requests from their employee’s making sure they are answered quickly and in a timely way.

Talla's IT Service Assistant can help you be the all-star of your team by automating answers to common internal FAQs and helping you manage support tickets, all through chat. You'll be able to focus on the work that matters most, and maybe even free up some spare time to watch a basketball game or two. Go Celtics!  


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