How Talla Can Make You 40% More Productive On Salesforce ServiceCloud

Posted by Rob May on May 29, 2019, 11:39:07 AM

The most popular platform that Talla customers use for ticketing is Salesforce ServiceCloud. The increasing demand from customers for a fast and accurate support experience means that many companies that use Salesforce CRM have moved to ServiceCloud to consolidate customer information for a better customer experience.

If you are looking for automation and AI related to ServiceCloud, Talla's chrome plugin can integrate directly with Salesforce and automate many common support tasks, including:

  • Finding answers to support questions using AI instead of search
  • Automating the process of composing an answer for a ticket
  • Identifying gaps in knowledge and support questions for which there is no content, so that it can be routed to subject matter experts for creation.
  • Capturing tribal knowledge so it is accessible to your entire team.
  • Insuring that all knowledge and answers are up to date and accurate, which is especially useful if you have frequent product launches and changing product information.

When ServiceCloud reps use Talla in parallel, we've seen an average increase of 40% more tickets answered per rep per day. But the great thing about Talla is that you can also deploy it directly to your end customers for an incredibly fast and accurate customer self service experience. If you liked to see it in action, check out this video, and if you'd like to schedule a demo to see how Talla would work for your organization, you can do so here.

Topics: automation, salesforce