How the IT Department Can Make the Most of Microsoft Teams

Posted by Zach Harned on Aug 10, 2017 1:11:20 PM

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been making serious waves across the world of business, disrupting both small and large companies alike. Tech leaders such as Google and Microsoft have announced that they are shifting from a mobile-first vision to an AI-first vision. Such declarations indicate the profound power of AI, and the presages the weighty impact that AI will make.

Communication Transitions

The modes of communication in business have trended toward ever-increasing speed and efficiency. Memos used to be distributed by hand, eventually by fax, then digitally via email, and the most recent advancement has been made by the movement toward chat. Businesses are adopting chat platforms such as Microsoft Teams to communicate effectively and with greater alacrity. All of these innovations and advancements in business communication leaves one wondering where we go from here. Chat already sends a message instantaneously, and we can’t possibly communicate any faster than that, so how are we to improve on this?

As anyone working in the enterprise knows, speed of communication isn’t a panacea. In fact, the speed of communication can sometimes seem to hinder productivity. For example, because it is so easy and so fast to send a request, IT departments are often flooded with simple and redundant requests from employees about changing their password or login procedure.

Communicate Smarter, Not Faster

So if we can’t improve on communication by making it faster, then we need to make it smarter. This is where artificial intelligence can help. At Talla we have developed an intelligent chatbot that sits right in the Microsoft Teams chat platform.

Talla learns the answers to common questions faced by your team, progressively building up a knowledge base specific to your company’s data. Talla then automates away the tedious answering of basic and repetitive questions by fielding the tickets and inquiries that come in through Microsoft Teams. When Talla encounters a question it doesn’t know the answer to, it brings the question to the right person so the answer can be added to its knowledge base. By fluidly teaching Talla on the fly as any new questions come in, Talla only becomes more powerful, intelligent, and useful.


Also, Talla’s campaign feature easily facilitates the rollout of new trainings, such as security or compliance training, or how to use a new piece of corporate technology or system. This not only speeds up the training procedure, but also guarantees uniformity, takes work off the plate of the IT department, and positions Talla to follow-up with any questions that arise from the training broadcast.



Every IT employee knows how painful it can be to be stuck answering a spate of basic questions or providing the same simple instructions over and over again, when instead he or she would rather be focused on the high-level parts of the job.

Talla is here to free IT from such monotony, enabling the employees to think creatively and strategically about the interesting parts of their jobs, thereby adding value to the IT department and company as a whole. Try out the next step in the evolution of enterprise communication by starting your free trial today, and see how much time and energy Talla can save your IT department.

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