How to Avoid the Biggest Mistake IT Help Desk Software Buyers Make

Posted by Juliette Kopecky on Aug 23, 2017 3:53:40 PM


The service desk, according to the Information Technology Infrastructure Library, is defined as the single point of contact between the service provider and the users. Within any IT department, the service desk is at the heart of communication, becoming the focal point for providing technical services to employees and customers.

For nearly two decades, though, the terms service desk and help desk have been used interchangeably within IT departments, minimizing the full potential of a service desk. A service desk should go beyond break-fix function of a help desk to become the center for managing incident and service requests as well as handling communication with users.

Unfortunately, many service desk solutions struggle to become more than just help desks due to an overwhelming amount of service requests. The technical malfunctions that lead to a multitude of requests, taking time away from more important IT service delivery, overwhelms all other aspects of the software.

The solution? A service desk solution with expert case deflection. Recent advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning provide the ability to prevent help requests before they happen, leaving more time for IT personnel to handle more significant work.

Today, it's critical to understand how implementing an A.I.-based solution differs from old-school help desks. 

Now, is your organization ready to buy? If you answer "yes" to any of these questions, it’s time to invest in a more effective service desk solution:

  1. Is technical staff (especially software developers) forced to do support work that meaningfully distracts from IT service delivery?
  2. Are the same IT questions and help requests being consistently resubmitted by users and/or customers?
  3. Has a question or help request ever “fallen between the cracks” and gone unanswered until a larger, preventable problem arose as a result?

As businesses grow, service desks must grow as well and the system you have in place must be able to handle the additional support load.

The IT department is no stranger to evaluating software. But with how rapidly machine learning and A.I. are changing traditional platforms, it’s crucial to understand how your business will change and benefit before investing long term. Don't get left behind in the A.I. era. Download your free buying guide below. 

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