How to Identify Opportunities for Automation in Support Workflows

Posted by Alyssa Verzino on Aug 20, 2019 11:26:47 AM


It can often seem challenging to identify opportunities for AI in your customer support workflows, but if you remember the three tasks at which artificial intelligence excels -- prediction, automation, and classification -- you can evaluate AI for support solutions effectively. To get your gears turning, we're going to outline three common applications for AI automation in customer support.

#1 - Automate "canned" responses

As any veteran support professional can tell you, something like 80% of all support communications can be handled by a small pool of rote, canned responses. (It's partly why RTFM is a known meme.) Matching common questions to common answers is a perfect job for artificial intelligence automation.

For example, AI natural language processing can now parse all the possible iterations of questions like "where is my package?" -- "when will my package arrive?" or "where is my order?" "find tracking number" or "WHERE'S MY STUFF?" and so on -- and match them to the same, single help article on how to track package deliveries of your products. And modern automation does more than just provide a link to that help article; it highlights and returns the specific answer to the question, so the customer doesn't have to do any additional work (and neither does a human support representative).

Automate ticket administration

Even if artificial intelligence automation can help a support representative or customer directly find answers to a question, the human rep still must do all the drudge work of filing, updating, and closing a support ticket. In many cases, AI automation can update some or all of this virtual paperwork.

The same language-parsing technology that allows AI to understand a customer question also allows artificial intelligence automation to fill out all those common fields in a support ticketing system. And when AI automation is doing the work of associating closed tickets with specific support documents in your knowledge base, your support analytics get a valuable boost, because you'll rigorously and consistently know what data is working to close support tickets.

Automate data capture

There is more data to be captured by AI automation than just support tickets. If artificial intelligence can "ride shotgun" in all your support-to-customer communication channels, it can do all the necessary (and boring) work of documenting those communications. Did a support rep verbally tweak a support article to account for new product updates? AI automation can notice and either flag the article in question for update, or perhaps even update the document itself. If AI notices that one of the articles that discuss a particular product or feature has been updated, it can flag every other item in your knowledge base that covers that topic for similar updates -- or update those items itself.

Get Ready for AI Support Automation

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