How to Improve Speed and Accuracy for Your Sales and Support Teams

Posted by Juliette Kopecky on Oct 19, 2018 2:47:31 PM

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Your sales, customer success, and support teams are at the front line of your business. They interact with prospects and customers on a daily basis, and those interactions can determine whether a customer purchases (and keeps purchasing) your product or service. Their main tool for driving revenue and decreasing churn is information. And how quickly they can access accurate information has a direct impact on your bottom line. Unfortunately, often times a company’s existing knowledge base is making their teams job harder.

Too often, finding the right information to answer a question or address a problem is frustrating at best. It can involve having to go to multiple systems, hoping that you’re using the right search terms, and weeding through pages of search results. And just when you think you’ve found the right answer to your question, you’re forced to decide whether or not you trust the information. It might be outdated or you might find multiple results with conflicting information. When this occurs, you might resort to just asking around, which is inefficient, a distraction, and no guarantee that you’ll get the right information; you have to wait until you get a response and hope that the person you asked has what you need.

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Talla aims to solve all of this. Talla delivers fast, accurate answers and actionable information on the web and in chat. By helping you create better content, Talla ensures your team gets the best results when they look for information. If the information you need isn’t already in Talla, it’s not a problem. Talla closes knowledge gaps by capturing questions, finding answers, and adding the information to the knowledge base so it’s available the next time someone asks. And Talla takes care of eliminating duplicate and conflicting information with the power of AI. You’ll know that your team always has a single source of truth for information and that it’ll always be at their fingertips.

Watch this video below to learn more about how Talla can help your team drive more revenue, improve efficiency, and always have access to accurate information.



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