How To Run Talla In Parallel With Einstein on ServiceCloud

Posted by Rob May on May 30, 2019 1:00:00 PM

If you are looking for automation and AI related to ServiceCloud, Salesforce does offer Einstein. However, it's a very different tool from Talla, so this short guide will help you understand those differences and design a workflow that can take advantage of the best parts of both offerings.

Einstein excels at 3 things:

  1. Case management - escalating the top priority support issues to the right places.

  2. Analytics and insights - showing you trends and metrics about your support organization based on intelligent analysis.

  3. Personalized and detailed customer view - using CRM data to inform customer support reps about customer history and identity.

For Talla customers who use Talla on top of ServiceCloud, they tell us the advantages are:

  1. Industry leading accuracy in natural language understanding - Talla delivers the right answer to a support query more often than any other tool on the market.

  2. The ability to work anywhere - For ServiceCloud users who want to work in ServiceCloud, Talla has an integration, but we also work with Slack, Microsoft Teams, a Google Chrome plugin, or in a Talla web interface. We work where you do so you don't have to change your workflows or limit your options.

  3. Continuous learning instead of a bot builder - Most tools, Einstein included, require you to build out a decision tree for bots, specify intents, and perform other tasks that ultimately make your AI brittle and likely to frustrate customers. Talla is designed to learn from your workflows and interactions - not just your data - so that the machine learning models we train for your specific business vernacular are updated every few minutes. With Talla, models (and thus performance) never get old and stale, so Talla only gets better with time.

  4. Automations in-content - Talla can insert common actions directly into answers so agents, or self-service customers can execute common tasks as well as get answers to common questions.

Best of all, using Talla captures all that support agent tribal knowledge and makes it available to every other agent, so all your agents can know everything that any agent knows. And we have a bi-directional synchronization process with ServiceCloud knowledge so that your content stays fresh, up to date, and validated as accurate. If you want to see a demo of Talla working on top of ServiceCloud, please put in a request here.

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