How to Use Talla to Automate Change Management

Posted by Alyssa Verzino on May 7, 2019, 2:11:00 PM

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While "embrace change" is a time-honored success mantra, managing change is one of the greatest challenges facing business leaders today. Fortunately, new automation tools like Talla are using artificial intelligence to bring some sanity and simplicity to modern change management.

At the end of the day, change management boils down to ensuring your staff gains competence with new tools and new processes. Talla can help them acclimate to both as quickly as possible.

First, new software and new workflows require documentation. Talla's smart knowledge base can do more than simply serve as a repository for all the new manuals and policies you're adopting. Talla is content-aware, so it can tell when content has been needlessly duplicated, has fallen out of date, or contradicts other documentation. Talla flags these errors for correction and diverts search results away from outdated or inaccurate information.

Change management is often "the art of the update," as pilot periods and phased rollouts mean your plans change mid-implementation. Keeping everyone in sync as to the latest plans and best practices is often the most difficult aspect of a project. Talla knows when plans change and helps ensure your "single source of truth" reference documentation reflects the current state of your change management process. No more "last month's version" causing confusion; Talla knows which of your many document drafts and departmental versions is correct and relevant for each user. When someone asks Talla for help, they are directed the best possible answer at that moment in time – every time.

But it's not enough that Talla knows which content is correct; your staff needs to know, too. That's where the Talla virtual assistant comes in. By integrating with your enterprise chat solution and other key software and communication tools, Talla can serve as a "concierge" for process updates for your team. If they have a question or need an answer, Talla is there immediately with more than just a link, but a specific response to their specific query. Your employees don’t have to hunt down the right answer; Talla finds it for them every time they ask.

Of course, not every employee proactively asks questions when they are confused, and many simply stick with their old tools and processes until change becomes mandatory. The Talla virtual assistant can help retrain your staff by managing workflows and "riding shotgun" on both new and legacy users to coach them through the transition period. If they fall back into old habits – like using Outlook instead of Gmail, or Zoho CRM instead of Salesforce -- Talla can help nudge them in the right direction.

And while Talla can offer all this change management assistance from the start of your project, Talla is also a great solution to get a stalled software implementation back on track.

Software implementation is hard, and change management is even harder. Talla can offer the virtual assistant your team needs to embrace change more quickly and with minimal pain. If you want to build a better change-management process, contact Talla today.

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