Increase Support Rep's Productivity by Equipping Them With the Answers They Need, When They Need Them

Posted by Alyssa Verzino on Dec 19, 2018 10:05:00 AM

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At Talla, we had a customer struggling with their support reps productivity. I’ll paint a picture of the problem they were struggling with…

“How do I change the shipping address on an open PO?” Support rep Jamie thought to herself. “I know someone told me this, and that there was an extra step I forgot last time… Let me check…”

Jamie would then spend 10 minutes searching around in different documentation for the answer to her question. She found an article on creating POs and and article on editing shipping addresses on closed POs. “Ugh. I know there’s something Matt told me not to forget when editing the address on an open PO... I’ll just ask him… But, he’s in a meeting... I’ll ping him and wait for him to tell me. Then I’ll write it down so I don’t have to bug him again on this.”

This problem was becoming a far too common and frustrating experience for customer support reps, their managers, and the customers they were trying to support. Information was documented, but there were knowledge gaps that support teams were unaware of. When one was identified, the task to update existing documentation was often pushed off.

The customers were directly impacted as a result. Their questions went unanswered for longer and tickets had higher resolution times. Their frustration built up, and eventually their attention wandered over to a competitor’s website in search of better service.

Now, here’s how we fixed it…

Enter, Talla. Talla solved this problem by making sure they knew what their support team needed. Talla showed where gaps existed in the current knowledge base so that they could create the information that mattered most to their support team. And, the next time a support rep searched for information that didn’t already exist, Talla found the answer and even circled back with the the correct rep.

Does this situation sound familiar? You can fix it, too. Stop searching for information and hire Talla to deliver answers, today.

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