Introducing 3 New Talla Products For Customer Service Teams

December, 5 2018

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Rob May

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This week I'm excited to announce that we are launching 3 new Talla products.  Well, technically 2 new products and one major upgrade, but the latter also feels new with all the improvement.  Earlier this year we were focused on "customer facing teams," and while we still have customers in Sales and Success, it is clear that the biggest interest in AI automation comes from Customer Service and Support teams.  With that in mind we've revamped the Talla Platform into three parts that can be used separately or together, and map more directly to key Service and Support workflows.  The three new products are:  a knowledge base for support teams, a rep assist tool, and a customer facing self service automation tool.  More details will come in future posts, but for now here are the highlights.

Talla's Intelligent Knowledge Base

Our revamped knowledge base product can be used company wide, but has features and functionality designed for support teams.  The input format allows users to annotate information in ways that make it more readable by machine learning models, which is why NLP models generated from the knowledge base will outperform what you can get elsewhere.  And because it is your agents annotating your data, we avoid shipping it off to third parties for "turcking" or "crowdsourcing" like so many other tools.  This new approach gives you several benefits:

  1. Easier access to chunks of information in web, Slack, and MS Teams.  No more long articles, just the piece you need.
  2. AI powered information retrieval that dramatically outperforms keyword search.
  3. Intelligent verification to stem knowledge base decay.  Talla keeps track of who owns what content, when it needs to be re-validated as accurate, and automates the entire process.
  4. Automated content requests allow you to specify who is responsible for a whole page, or just a small block of knowledge.  Talla manages the follow-up and integration of that knowledge into the larger document.
  5. Intelligent surfacing of knowledge gaps so you know what content you need, but don't have.
  6. Live tables - so you can import data real-time from other applications to make it part of a page.
  7. Content training so that all of your content is AI-ready and can be fed into NLP models to generate the best accuracy.

Request a Demo of Talla Knowledge Base

Talla's Rep Assist

Talla's Rep Assist product turns every rep into your best rep, ever.  Rep Assist is a web interface plus chatbot that works in Slack, MS Teams, or in any other system via a chrome plug-in.  Rep Assist is great for teams that have lots of documentation and complex issues, because all that complexity can be offloaded to the AI algorithms, so all reps will get is the answer they need or the action they want to perform.

Integrate with your ticketing system and content repositories, and reps can:

  1. Easily automate common service and support tasks like creating, updating, and closing tickets.
  2. Find quick answers to specific questions, while on the phone or in chat or email.
  3. Capture and quickly escalate key issues with automated routing to the right person.
  4. Update and manage support documentation on the fly by having new information pushed to existing content repositories by Talla.

Request a Demo of Talla Rep Assist

Talla's Self Service Automation

Talla's Self Service automation is our newest product.  If your goal is to deflect more tickets and empower customers to get faster, more accurate answers, Talla's Self Service tool is the new bar in industry accuracy.  It can be deployed on any website to provide quick and easy resolutions for your customers to cut down on tickets and phone time, and the current accuracy rating from our existing user base is over 80%.  Talla is the only self service tool on the market that can answer many questions it hasn't been asked previously, simply by reading your documentation and learning from it.

Request a Demo of Talla Self Service

We have been hard at work on these products for most of 2018, and are proud to say that these are products with true AI - they learn and change and grow over time through user interactions.  If you want to see case studies or talk to existing customers whose Support organizations have been transformed by Talla, please contact us to discuss.

For those of you reading this who are already customers, thank you so much for your continued support and constant flow of ideas.  Stay tuned for more detail on a January product webinar to cover the new features.

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