Your Knowledge Base Should Help, Not Hinder, Your Ability to Sell

Posted by Stephanie Ventura on Oct 17, 2017 12:48:52 PM


Sales enablement is the term of art for all the data and content available to your sales team to help them close deals - and your knowledge base is holding them back. But, with the addition of some modern artificial intelligence tools, your knowledge base could help, rather than hinder, your sales enablement program.

While it's the job of the marketing department to deliver marketing-qualified leads to your sales team, it's the job of sales enablement to give your salespeople the tools they need to close those leads. That means providing the sales team with anything they need to handle a sales objection - from a customer case study to a product specification sheet to a pricing matrix to a user training guide - all of which should be available inside a capable knowledge management system.

Unfortunately, most knowledge management solutions are designed for uses other than sales enablement (usually customer support, as part of a help desk solution), so organizing and populating a sales-enablement knowledge base is often a frustrating exercise.

An artificially intelligent software agent can leverage your knowledge base for sales-enablement teams, and can serve as the "concierge" that your sales team needs to make your knowledge base helpful during the sales process. Consider consumer software agents like Apple's Siri or Amazon's Alexa. These AI-powered assistants convert spoken or typed "plain language" queries into complex, orderly software commands and internet searches.

Imagine a salesperson simply asking your internal knowledge base for the information they need to address a sales objection, or close a deal - and the agent returns it as quickly and easily as Siri finds a restaurant review or Alexa orders more K-cups. Imagine simply asking for "an example of our product in a school" and the agent tracking down every case study document or infographic that includes customers flagged as schools, colleges, or universities. Imagine requesting "ROI for an enterprise customer" and the virtual agent tracking down both enterprise case studies and your ROI calculator.

Modern AI knowledge base tools goes beyond anticipatory work that Siri and Google's Assistant do today. Instead of just sensing your location to deliver a weather report, or checking your calendar and using that to display an airline boarding pass, a sales-oriented assistant can read into your list of scheduled sales calls and preemptively offer up enablement materials - pre-searched and curated - that are most appropriate for the prospect you're talking to right now.

No more scouring through a wiki or document drive that's as concerned with answering tech support questions and human resources policies as it is with making sales. An AI-enhanced knowledge base will find the sales-enablement material you need, exactly when you need it, without forcing your sales team to go on a wiki-scavenger hunt first.

Imagine a knowledge base that helps you make sales, instead of simply making your sales team crazy. Modern artificial intelligence can make it happen.

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