Leveraging AI in Customer Success

September, 10 2021

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4 ways in which AI is being used to increase customer success!


Never Answer Redundant Questions Again

Answering the same redundant questions over and over again can become a daunting, even aggravating, experience for your support teams. Thankfully with the help of AI, customer support teams can finally breathe a sigh of relief, knowing they will rarely, if not ever, have to face this issue again! Talla’s AI recognizes repetitive questions and remembers the answers, so when the question is asked in the future, Talla can automatically answer the question without help from your support team. Your customers are not waiting for answers, and your agents are getting valuable time back to work on higher valued tasks.

Speeding up Response Times

With the help of AI, we see faster response times for customer issues, leading to increased CX levels. By implementing AI, redundant support questions are being answered faster and at higher volumes, but agents save time finding information while resolving customer issues. Agents are using AI to identify the customer’s need and display the information your support team needs to increase the levels of customer service. With Talla, the most updated information your team has is right at their fingertips, meaning no more annoying Slack pings from co-workers looking for information and no more leaving your workflow to search through bulky documentation. With Talla, agents can leverage faster response times, answer more customer requests, and focus on the CX.

Talla uses NLP

Talla is a great listener! Talla uses NLP to answer questions conversationally and gets smarter when observing the kinds of questions asked by employees. NLP helps chatbots understand, analyze and prioritize the questions according to the complexity; this enables bots to respond to customer queries faster than a human being. Don’t worry about asking questions a certain way; advancements in assistant intelligence also mean tools can source the correct information and relevant answers regardless of how the question is phrased. Consider how a new rep might lookup a support question on an internal site:

  • “What is the return policy for used laptops?”
  • “Can customers send back used products?”

Talla’s AI can interpret question intent – even when a specific keyword or phrase isn’t used, and still provide an answer. Talla can help improve resolution rates and create bandwidth for reps to take on challenging higher-touch cases by giving actual answers based on question intent. Should an obscure question come in, agents can source a solution and trust that this information has been “learned” by Talla. 

Closing knowledge gaps

Talla automatically captures any knowledge gap or siloed information picked up in your team's interactions and automatically escalates the ticket to the appropriate subject matter expert. Once the data is updated, Talla will automatically circle back to the person asking the question to give them the correct answer. Talla learns from that experience so that the next time the question is asked, it will automatically provide the user response without distracting or taking valuable time away from your agents. 

These tools will become your business's ‘strengths and can be used in customer support as a competitive weapon and differentiator. By applying AI technologies to Support and Sales teams, leaders can streamline processes, reduce costs and expedite information gathering. Customer support teams can finally get back to doing what is most important, supporting the customer. 






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