Prevent Losing Customers: Support Your Customer Support Team.

October, 24 2018

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A properly organized and implemented knowledge base makes your customer support teams more effective and efficient by shortening the time it takes to solve customer problems. With quick, easy access to accurate technical and procedural documentation, your support team can close help tickets faster, improve customer satisfaction, and decrease customer churn.

Unfortunately, most knowledge bases aren't set up to improve customer support because they aren't properly designed or optimized to deliver support value. Here's how you optimize your knowledge base for customer support.

The first, best method for ensuring that support teams can access accurate, comprehensive information as quickly as possible is to pair your knowledge base with an artificially intelligent virtual assistant. An A.I. agent can help your support teams search, update, and manage your knowledge base with minimal administrative overhead.

But even with advanced A.I. assistance, there are some basic organizational and management tasks that are necessary to prime your knowledge base for customer support efficacy.

A support knowledge base has three objectives:

  1. Make your documentation easy to navigate, so support representatives can locate the answers without asking for help
  2. Make information discoverable, so that users are informed of new, critical information before they need it
  3. Minimize clicks, so that the support research process doesn't require extra steps or extra time

To meet these objectives, you have to:

  • Organize your knowledge base around support efficiency
  • Populate your knowledge base with all necessary support documentation
  • Maintain that documentation for completeness and accuracy

Talla's new ebook, "How to Prevent Losing Customers with Fast, Accurate Information," offers tangible, tactical advice on how to meet these objectives.

If you're tired of wasting resources on a knowledge base that hinders rather than helps your customer support efforts, download "How to Prevent Losing Customers with Fast, Accurate Informationtoday.

And if you're ready to consider that AI assistant to help make these objectives achievable, Talla has the artificially intelligent knowledge base for you. If you're ready to decrease both support costs and customer churn, contact Talla today.

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