Press Release: Talla Introduces a Service Desk Powered by Artificial Intelligence

April, 5 2017

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Written By
Brooke Torres

Cambridge, MA | April 5, 2017

Talla, the leader in intelligent conversational enterprise applications announced today the Talla ServiceAssistant, a service desk for internal support teams like HR and IT, that interacts with users through conversation in systems like Slack and Microsoft Teams.  Talla, based in Cambridge, MA, and Palo Alto, CA.

Talla’s Service Assistant offers the functionality of a traditional service desk - including a ticketing system, a knowledge base, and a workflow automation engine, but has added powerful machine learning features and natural language processing functionality to improve the user experience and to automate away much of the monotonous work associated with service desk management.  


Talla’s Service Assistant provides many advantages over current tools on the market.  By using natural language to open tickets and retrieve information, Talla can improve the end user experience by providing faster and more accurate responses, all while increasing productivity and lowering total cost of ownership.  Talla’s ServiceAssistant consists of three key parts.

The conversational ticketing system meets users where they’re working by allowing them to open a ticket with a simple request in Slack or MS Teams. It learns over time, so administrators never need to answer the same question twice. The cutting-edge machine learning technology that powers Talla’s understanding engine offers better context matching over typical search technology, so users get more accurate answers faster. 

talla-service-assistant-in-slack.pngThe conversational knowledge base can replace most wikis.  While traditional wikis require employees to open up a new system, are difficult to search, and thus, are consistently underutilized, Talla can retrieve information from wikis and FAQs by simply asking questions in natural language. Internal service teams are bombarded by questions and help requests—often the same basic questions like “how do I reset my password?” or “do we have President’s Day off?". Managing a stream of inquiries in email, chat, and in-person drop-ins takes time away from their more strategic and creative work, and from the human touch situations that do require a face-to-face conversation. Talla learns quickly to automate away these monotonous tasks so helpdesk agents can focus on the more valuable parts of their job.  

Talla’s workflow automation tool allows adminstrators to automate chat driven messages, which can be used for notifications, micro training courses, employee onboarding, or managing users through a common process.  Talla’s workflow tool currently integrates with Google’s G-Suite, MS Office, and, with more integrations coming every soon.

Rob May, Talla CEO and Co-founder explained, “I’m excited to debut our new ServiceAssistant. The need we’ve seen for this has been immense, particularly as more companies rush to adopt chat as a key tool for getting work done. The Talla ServiceAssistant uses a hybrid approach, combining the best aspects of conversational interfaces with a web application component for use cases better suited for that experience."  Talla was architected from the ground up to be an enterprise quality product, and will soon have SOC2 certification along with other key enterprise credentials.


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About Talla:

Talla gives IT, HR and other internal service teams the power to automate busywork, so that you can focus on being creative, thinking strategically, and spending more time on the face-to-face communications that are so valuable. Use Talla’s chat-based ServiceAssistant to file help tickets and get ticket status updates, automate FAQ answering, and proactively educate your employees on best practices, company information and more. Deliver a better employee experience to your team and keep everyone knowledgeable, engaged, and productive. Founded in 2015, Talla is based in Cambridge, MA.

Talla Contact:

Brooke Torres | (617) 539-6835

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