Press Release: Talla Launches ChatOps Platform for HR

December, 13 2016

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Cambridge, MA - December 12, 2016 – Today, Talla, a Cambridge-based artificial intelligence company, announced the launch of their workflow automation platform for human resources departments. Talla allows businesses to amplify the speed, collaboration and transparency that chat applications like Slack and HipChat are known for. By allowing businesses to manage specific processes, like employee onboarding, training and information gathering, Talla frees HR departments from much of the monotonous work that commonly keeps them from the core of their jobs.

 Though we’ve seen rapid innovation in other business verticals, human resources has been overdue for the automation and insights already available to other business teams, like marketing or sales. Much of the HR software stack has not caught up to other available tools, even within otherwise technologically progressive companies. The recent rise of messaging platforms has given HR a centralized command center through which their internal business processes can be run. As a leader in this movement known as ChatOps, Talla gives HR teams a highly configurable way to automate their time-intensive processes, all from within their team’s existing communication tools.

 “Chat apps like Slack and Hipchat have considerably changed the way people work by increasing collaboration, speeding up workflows and increasing alignment through a rich and transparent history of day-to-day business discussions,” said Rob May, CEO of Talla. “Talla’s new platform allows these chat applications to do much more, turning them into command centers that businesses can use to run more effectively.”

 Talla for HR is designed to be easily customizable, allowing users to complete everything from simple tasks to automating complicated workflows. Though information from Talla is delivered and collected conversationally through a bot in the chat platforms it sits in, unlike traditional bots, which are static and constrained to specific workflows, Talla uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to adapt to various tasks and is trained by employees.

Talla for HR is available now for download. Talla will soon launch integrations with major HR applications that will allow departments to pull data and actions from these apps into the Chatops workflows.

 “The future of the workplace is here, and is overwhelmingly powered by chat,” said May. “While email ushered in a new standard of communication, we are now taking the next step in redefining the way people work.”

About Talla

Talla gives you the power to turn your chat platform into a command center for your company. Talla combines the tools, processes, and intelligent automation you need to manage information workflows within messaging systems, including Slack. Use Talla to enable business processes in chat, such as onboarding employees, training on new skills, polling, and building out custom experiences. You’ll be able deliver and gather important information for your team, keeping everyone knowledgeable, engaged, and productive. Founded in 2015, Talla is based in Cambridge, MA. Learn more at


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