Product Updates - March 2020

March, 25 2020

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Whatever It Takes | Product Updates - March 2020

The month of March has been stressful for many companies, but for those that are able to remain open there is still work to be done.  The Engineering Team at Talla is no exception and has been focusing on improving our product every day to provide support to our clients in these turbulent times.  Whether it be working on new features to keep us ahead of the competition or improving existing functionality based on user feedback, we’re always aiming to better ourselves and our offering.

Here at Talla we practice “continuous deployment”, which means that as soon as code is ready to ship we get it into production, no wait times or holding off for the next release.  We want to get our updates out as fast as possible to the users and want to keep you updated on what is new, updated and coming next.


Highlights from the month of March include:

  • Creating custom solutions for customers, such as adding the ability to handle employee and customer requests differently, both within our platform and connecting with other third party systems
  • Continuous improvements to our UI/UX
  • Multiple upgrades to speed up our processing capabilities when Talla maps content from external sources, such as Salesforce, Zendesk and Confluence
  • Usability improvements: 
    • Improved support for images within Microsoft Teams
    • Updates to ingestions from Google Drive
    • Improvements to support more complex documents
    • Allowing Admin users to select custom date ranges in the Analytics view (more to come)


Things to look forward to Next:

While our main focus during March was day-to-day usability of our product for our users, we’ve also been working in the background on new functionality.

  • Support for more customizations when end users interact with Talla
  • Ongoing improvements to how Talla generates a virtual map over content from other sources. We are continually working to increase the accuracy of answers Talla provides to user’s from existing content
  • Best in class ability to train content from custom web pages
  • Automatically generated troubleshooting flows by observing how Experts answer user requests. This allows Talla to assist users get the answers they’re looking for by guiding them based on automated clarifying questions

We are focused on providing the best quality product and features to our customers.  As we continue to work remotely and push out updates please keep an eye out for future updates about our releases!

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