Reinforce the Good by Capturing Your Unwritten Rules

Posted by Alyssa Verzino on Mar 15, 2019 2:33:06 PM

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We've written previously about why allowing AI to capture the "tribal knowledge" of your customer service teams is critical to deriving value from your artificial intelligence solutions, but the value of this practice goes beyond just optimizing customer service. Allowing AI to capture and quantify your "unwritten rules" has wide-ranging benefits for your entire business.

Your unwritten rules are all the aspects of working at your company that aren't written down in your employee handbook or training materials. Call them shortcuts, life hacks, pro tips, or what have you, these unwritten rules are what employees learn to do by actually working their jobs, above and beyond any classroom training.

Take, for example, a customer support team that hijacks a generic "notes" field in your CRM tool to store the favorite sports teams or TV shows of customers, so they can use that information in casual conversation during outreach and follow-up calls. Most of the support team uses this tactic, but it's not documented anywhere, and it's unlikely the CRM vendor is going to add defined dropdowns in the software to handle "favorite teams and/or TV shows".

This is invaluable data that an AI assistant would likely miss if it was just given structured exports from your CRM database. Even if AI saw the data in the notes field, it likely wouldn't see how your support team used it. For example, if a customer was a Los Angeles Ram fan, you might want to bring up the team on November 20, 2018, but absolutely not on February 4, 2019. That kind of nuance would be lost if you're just comparing outbound emails to data from the CRM system.

However, if an AI agent got to observe your support representatives in action, it could "watch" a sales rep run a quick news search on the prospect's favorite team prior to sending an email and, on its own, learn the pattern that reps bring up favorite teams when they win, and avoid the topic when they lose. That's an unwritten rule that no amount of structured data will ever teach an AI assistant.

It is, frankly, impossible to document every detail and iteration of every process every employee in your organization undertakes every day. It's just too much data for any documentation team to absorb and record, and it would absolutely be more documentation than any individual employee could be reasonably expected to read and recall on the job.

Letting an AI assistant "ride shotgun" and observe your staff allows it to pick up on these unwritten rules and determine on its own which are significant and which are effective. So not only does a support AI assistant learn the best practices of your support team, it turns these "hacks" into measurable tactics.

If support calls close faster and with higher satisfaction scores when the support rep mentions a customer's favorite team, the AI will actually measure that and help optimize the process. Thus, an unwritten rule becomes a secret weapon that you can scale up with software and formally add to your support training program (and maybe even add in your CRM database).

If you'd like to learn more about how AI can best absorb and scale your unwritten rules, contact Talla today.

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