Research: How Machine Learning Will Impact the Customer Experience

Posted by Alyssa Verzino on Jul 15, 2019 2:55:00 PM

Change is powerful. Here at Talla, we believe in the power machine learning has to change the way you deliver exceptional experiences to your customers. We decided to partner with 451 Research to prove just how much the customer experience will be impacted by machine learning.

“The AI/machine learning revolution is already in full swing; companies that are hesitant to adopt will be unable to compete with the productivity of their contemporaries. The technology is advancing rapidly, moving in a direction that makes it relatively easy for buyers to pursue specific outcomes: deeper analytic insights, smarter process automation, or speedier response to customer questions with or without agent help, for example.“ - 451 Research, Business Impact Brief

Check out this Business Impact Brief to learn more about:

  • Reasons to use machine learning
  • Business professionals that will ultimately see the effects of machine learning
  • Why the hype surrounding machine learning is justified
  • And, much more...

As customer expectations continue to increase, it’s more important now than ever to provide exceptional customer experiences. Machine learning has tremendous potential to help you get there. Check out this research, today.

Topics: machine learning, customer experience