Sifting Through the Noise: How AI Revolutionizes the Way Teams Share Information Internally

November, 20 2017

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information overload

You’re getting buried.

Your colleagues bombard you with emails, chats, and shared folders. Initial versions of documents are lost and never found, so you’re shared on variation after variation of the same document on the same topic. Your inbox – and your mind – are overwhelmed.

It’s time to quiet the noise. You need a tool that’s going to help you sift through the bullshit so you can find the information that applies to you and continue doing your job.

Too Many Cooks, Too Many Kitchens

The bigger your company, the more knowledge it possesses. As teams grow, they develop their own processes and preferences for creating, storing, and sharing information. The volume of documents created in a wiki, intranet, or tools like Google Drive increases exponentially. Messages fly back and forth to spread information but end up inundating employees. It’s not scalable; it’s a mess.

Not only are there too many tools being used within every organization, but too many teams use a plethora of tools within themselves. Your business is left with too many cooks in way too many kitchens.

Consider a Sales team. They write notes on paper during a phone call, then enter what they learned into their CRM. They keep their pitch decks in Google Drive.

Marketing uses Google Drive to write their content before it’s entered into the CMS, and they use Dropbox to host their images. Sales now has three different places to find content to send to a prospect. Product might use an entirely different platform to host release notes, updates on features, and more. This causes too much confusion and slows down the Sales process.

The intensity of this problem threatens the effectiveness of your team. When the process of finding where to go for any kind of information results in sifting through emails, Slack messages, or shared documents in a cloud-based drive, that’s your signal that things need to change.

Mitigating the Firehose

In a perfect world, you’d have one platform for all your organization’s knowledge. As you write your content, everything falls into place and the knowledge base itself proactively shares the document with only the people it’s really relevant to. If only, right?

Actually, that’s possible.

Artificial intelligence makes all this and more a reality. An AI-driven knowledge platform allows content creators to create relevant information and consumers to access it easily. AI creates contextual awareness; it recognizes what sections of a document relates to which teams. When new content is created or existing content is updated, the platform already knows who to notify and can do so proactively, so you don’t have to.

AI is making a single source of reliable information possible for every team across a business. Say goodbye to blockers and breakdowns in communication. It’s time to make sifting through the firehose of information and knowledge easier.

Stop hunting for the information you need. Request a demo to find out how Talla can help you mitigate the onslaught of irrelevant information.

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