Stop Settling for Passive Content Management. Adopt an Active Content Knowledge Base.

Posted by Alyssa Verzino on Sep 5, 2018, 2:20:20 PM

Document_1d3c37b7-e8fc-4c5e-96a2-07f96ccbfdc2For the past 15 years, every content management system and enterprise knowledge base has been built around some version of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to make it easier for readers to find the valuable data hidden in your documentation. But that's a passive approach to making your data discoverable and relies on the hope that the answers your employees and customers need have already been documented and published.

In an age of artificial intelligence, when A.I. agents can schedule meetings, curate our news feeds, and even answer our emails for us, why are you passively hoping that you've captured all the business-critical information you need to share? Why aren't you using A.I. to actively capture, update, and maintain your documentation and content library?

In short, why aren't you developing Active Content?

Active Content is content that is designed to be accurate, up to date, and discoverable. Active Content is optimized for use by and with artificial intelligence, so that the business-process versions of Alexa and Siri can help you manage your knowledge base for maximum effectiveness.

Active Content is different from the passive content you use today, which quickly grows stale. How often have you lost out on sales opportunities because your sales representatives didn't have accurate or up-to-date product specifications? How many user support calls have ended unsatisfactorily because a customer success engineer couldn't find a critical answer in your knowledge base? How hard does your product marketing team have to work to track down critical details from engineers, product managers, and sales reps to develop useful documentation?

Active Content make each of these tasks easier by empowering A.I. agents to manage your knowledge base.

You can learn more about Active Content with Talla's latest eBook, "Why Active Content is the Future of Business".

Are you tired of taking a passive approach to managing your business-critical knowledge base? Become an active participant in your content management success by learning about Active Content today.

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