The #1 Thing Holding Back People Ops Teams

Posted by Zach Harned on Jul 26, 2017 1:58:25 PM


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is having a profound effect on the way we do business today. Technology is changing at a breakneck pace, and AI is sitting right at the tip of the spear, blazing a new and innovative path that is helping employees be more effective than ever.

Companies are scrambling to integrate AI into their business in as many ways as possible, fearful about getting left behind as AI rapidly takes off. One of the teams that can be most drastically impacted by AI is the people ops team. Let’s take a look to see people ops can be assisted and augmented by artificial intelligence.

What is People Ops? The Customer Success Analogy

The people ops team evolved out of human resources (HR), in a manner very similar to that of customer support transforming into customer success. Customer support initially just consisted of answering customer questions in a rote and procedural fashion. But as competition between businesses became sharper, it became evident that to satisfy and retain customers, the process after purchase is much more sophisticated than just answering questions. Customer support needed to take a much more active role in facilitating the customer’s use of the product, assisting with its integration into the business, offering professional insight, and ensuring not just comprehension of the product, but success when implementing it. Hence was born, customer success.

In the same way, many used to view HR like customer support, in that one of its main functions is providing answers to questions and access to information. HR is also responsible for a number of other tasks, such as onboarding new employees and managing benefits, but too often, the role was highly procedural and reactive. But more recently the importance of company culture has been brought to the forefront, as it has become clear the role it plays in the work ethic, satisfaction, and retention of the company employees. As companies have realized the vital role culture plays, those in human resources have been tasked with fostering the kind of culture the company wants to build. And in so doing, HR has adopted a far more innovative and proactive mentality, thereby evolving into people ops. People ops is about more than providing information to employees, it’s about creating and nurturing a workplace environment that instills and maintains the qualities and values most important to your business.

So What’s Holding Your People Ops Team Back?

So in a perfect world your people ops team would have the freedom and flexibility to focus on creating the desired company culture. But unfortunately, many people ops teams are held back by the copious amounts of time spent answering employee questions. This barrage of employee inquiries hinders people ops in their mission to instill and support strong company culture, because they are constantly occupied by employee queries, often facing the very same questions over and over.

This is where artificial intelligence can step in and provide a huge help to your people ops team. Most of the repetitive and monotonous question answering by people ops occurs through chat. Here at Talla we have developed an intelligent chatbot that sits right in chat platforms like Slack or Microsoft Teams and functions as a service desk. Talla then interactively learns the answers to these questions and fields them for your people ops team. If Talla doesn’t know the answer to a question, it consults people ops who teach it the right answer, and then Talla remembers it for next time. Talla can be trained on all of your company specific information and policies, and it never gets tired of answering the same repetitive questions time and time again.

Talla also has numerous other functions that help augment people ops, making them more efficient and effective. Since people ops is not just about what you have to say to the employees, but also about what they have to say to you, Talla provides a platform to quickly create surveys in order to easily glean employee’s opinions. Talla can also help energize the onboarding process by providing you with the ability to produce standardized onboarding campaigns. For instance, you could create an onboarding campaign that automatically connects the employee with important company resources, like the employee manual or the health care benefits page. Talla’s campaign feature could also be used by people ops to easily roll out company-wide trainings. For example, you could use Talla to create a sexual harassment training, that educates employees, as well as protects the company by providing tracking and ensuring compliance. By allowing Talla  to handle this sort of work, people ops is thereby freed from monotony and enabled to be creative and strategic, working on that all-important company culture piece of their job.

Don’t let the time-consuming tedium of question answering hinder your people ops team. Adding Talla to the team can help move your people ops from procedural and reactive to creative and proactive. Start your free trial of Talla today and find out just how much time Talla can save you.

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