The Critical Piece of Software that Allows IT to be Proactive

Posted by Zach Harned on Jul 28, 2017 12:05:49 PM


Artificial intelligence (AI) has recently become something of a buzzword, as businesses of all sorts rush to assimilate AI however they can into their company. Just as consumers have realized the usefulness of virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa, companies are discovering the utility of chatbots to assist with workflows. And these business chatbots are even more powerful than their consumer counterparts because of the specialized nature of their use cases, allowing them to precisely target the exact function they need to serve. Some of these enterprise integrations of AI are proving more fruitful than others. One of the most natural fits for AI to assist with business operations is within the Information Technology (IT) team.

The Reactive Nature of IT

People think of IT departments like doctor’s offices; it just one of those places that you only contact when something has gone wrong. In other words, IT departments aren’t being flooded by calls from happy employees wanting to report how fast their internet is working. Instead IT is inundated by employee complaints, regarding technological failures, user failures, or both. This, by its very nature, creates an environment that positions IT to be merely reactionary, constantly putting out fires and attending to the difficulties of the employees engaging with company technology. What is more, these reactionary tasks are often redundant and repetitive, such as answering how to reset an employee password for the umpteenth time. The incessant spate of requests and the monotonous nature of these queries can make this reactive mindset exhausting and laborious. Fortunately, there is help to be had for IT.

Switching Gears from Reactive to Proactive

We want to help IT recapture the most engaging parts of their job, where the team is able to be proactive: strategically devising new initiatives, exploring technological options to support current company projects, as well as foreseeing technical challenges and heading them off at the pass.

Here at Talla we have designed an intelligent chatbot to assist your company’s IT division. Talla is able to sit right in your chat platform, such as Slack or Microsoft Teams, and function as a service desk. Talla can then be trained specifically on your unique company data to answer the questions that normally fill up IT’s ticket queue. Talla uses natural language processing to discern when certain questions can receive the same answer, even if the wording is completely different. For instance, Talla knows that whether an employee is asking, “Is the office open on Memorial Day?” or, “Is this Monday an office holiday?”, both queries can receive the same answer. And if Talla doesn’t know the answer to a question, then it refers the question to the right person to teach it the answer, which Talla remembers for next time.

As has been shown time and time again that artificial intelligence is most intelligent when it is working in tandem with humans. That is why with Talla you will always have a human in the loop, training and teaching Talla, because it continues to get smarter and more helpful the more you use it. Even though some chatbot companies advertise a human in the loop, often this is an individual outside of your company, such as someone working via Mechanical Turk or CrowdFlower. At Talla the human in the loop is always a company employee, ensuring that you have complete control over your data, as well as a human in the loop who is intimately familiar with your company and is thus best suited to train and implement Talla.

We want to help transition your IT Team from reactive to proactive. Talla can take the high-frequency and low-judgement tasks off of IT’s plate, thereby freeing them up to creatively and strategically innovate. Talla will empower your IT department to reclaim the most interesting and forward-thinking parts of the job, thereby adding value to the business overall. Start your free trial with Talla today and see how much it can help your IT team. 

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